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High-impact, measurable Direct Response Marketing and Lead Generation

Welcome to McCarthy & King Marketing.  We are a direct response agency and creative services firm specializing in lead generation through direct marketing and digital marketing.

Discover the power of the Sales Lead Magnet

The one sure-fire way to generate more sales leads is to create a Sales Lead Magnet.

direct response agencyA lead magnet is an informational resource – a white paper, a tip sheet, a how-to guide, a video or a template – that helps to address common challenges for your target audience.

A lead magnet provides useful information by answering the questions your prospects are asking.  It also positions you and your company as an expert in the field.

Let’s talk about creating a Lead Magnet for you.

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Get first-hand intelligence with Marketing Surveys

Surveys are very popular with marketers who want to do market research or customer satisfaction evaluations.

direct response agencyBut we also use them for lead generation, lead qualification and list building.

By asking very specific questions, we can help you identify new sales opportunities early in the sales cycle.

Whether as a “first touch” or a follow-up to an inquiry, we can gather information about customer needs, purchasing timetables, decision-making processes, budgets, competitor involvement and more.

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Direct Marketing Programs

Traditional one-to-one direct marketing continues to produce strong, measurable results.  We provide Direct Marketing Programs using direct mail, email, phone and direct response print advertising.  Learn more.

Digital Marketing Programs

Your website is the centerpiece of your marketing, but is it working hard enough to communicate and generate leads? Our Digital Marketing Programs use a mix of content creation, social media and search (paid and organic).  Learn more.  

List Building

Before anything else, you need to know who will buy what you sell – and how and when to reach them. Our List Building process combines demographic profiling with behavioral data and market research.  Learn more.

Communications Strategy

Chances are you have a lot to say about your product or service  Our Communications Strategy will help you develop the right message and the right words for each of your audience segments.  Learn more.

Content Creation

Your customers and prospects are looking for experts in your field.  Our Content Creation services will help you demonstrate your knowledge and expertise in the form of web pages, blog posts, white papers, ebooks and tip sheets. Learn more.

Tracking & Analysis

Whether you’re using direct or digital marketing, measurement is the key to future decision-making.  Our Tracking and Analysis services will help you see which channels, audience segments, offers and messages are most effective.  Learn more.

Look beyond the campaign and start building a Sales Lead System

Lead GenerationWhen it comes to sales and selling, you have two choices:

You can just wing it (as many do) or you can follow a process – a sales lead process that consistently generates leads and nurtures those leads until the prospect is ready to buy.  We’ve developed a Sales Lead System that uses multiple tactics to bring together every step of your sales process.

      • Lead Generation
      • Lead Capture
      • Lead Qualification
      • Lead Nurture
      • Lead Engagement


Download  Generating Sales Leads: 8 Steps to Building a Sales Lead System

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