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Let's talk about response rates - realistically

Twenty years ago, I developed a lead generation program for a technical recruiting employment firm.

This medium-sized company placed highly skilled technical professionals into contract positions with technology companies.  At the time, the owner of the firm was anticipating a growth in demand for contract employees – and he wanted to build his database of [...]

The Direct Response Coach

Direct Mail Personalization – knowing the options and costs

Personalization in direct mail – it should go without saying, right?

I mean if your marketing to people on a one-to-one level, don’t you expect it to be personalized?

Maybe today, but that wasn’t always case.

Not that long ago, mailers were routinely sent out with Cheshire labels glued on the outside. The address label [...]

The Direct Response Coach

Online Marketing: So many experts – who will you call first?

The online marketing world sure has a lot of experts.

Do a quick “guru” search for web design … web development … SEO … local search … keyword research … link building … social media … landing pages … email … content marketing … blogging … mobile … video … analytics.

There are specialists for [...]

The Direct Response Coach

Direct Mail Tip: Make your direct mail offer the centerpiece

One of the easiest ways to improve the response rate of your direct mail lead generation campaigns is by giving more exposure to your offer (or lead magnet).

Too often the offer is buried in the mailer, the reader never sees it and the response rate suffers.  What a shame.

How many times have you [...]

The Direct Response Coach

15 Ways to Use Drip Email

You’ve got to love drip email.  I know I do.

Anytime you can use automation to perform a critical step in your sales process – well, that’s a good thing.

It’s especially helpful when you think about how many leads routinely fall through the cracks because you (or your sales people) don’t have the time [...]