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Thank you, online marketers, for preaching our gospel

Whether they know it or not, online marketers are introducing direct marketing fundamentals to a much wider audience.  

Rodney Dangerfield built an entire comedy career around a simple idea:  “I don’t get no respect.”

Sometimes I wonder if the direct marketing industry shouldn’t be following the same mantra.

When I broke into the field [...]

The Direct Response Coach

Direct marketing niches – and why you should know them

Direct marketing niches represent the various ways in which direct marketing is being used.  As you will see, they have very little in common other than their use of direct response. 

I hear from a lot of people who want to try their hand at direct marketing.

More often than not, they may have read [...]

The Direct Response Coach

Why your market universe size dictates your strategy

One of the first questions I ask with new clients is how big is your market universe?  Put another way, how many people in your market universe could actually buy this product or service?

I ask this not to determine how big of a budget they will need – or how big of a sale [...]

The Direct Response Coach

Join me at the Direct Marketing Innovations Symposium - Monday, March 3

This coming Monday, March 3,  I will be speaking at the New England Direct Marketing Association’s (NEDMA) annual Direct Marketing Innovations Symposium at the Microsoft Iconic Center in Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA.

My 60-minute presentation – The Power of One-to-One:  How to combine direct mail, email and telemarketing in the B2B sales process – will [...]

The Direct Response Coach

What I don’t understand about this failed email campaign

I just finished reading an article in B2B Online that provided insight on a failed email campaign by Level 3 Communications, a multi-national telecommunications company.

Over a five-month period at the end of 2012, the company created and executed an email campaign to promote an unspecified product or service.

During that time, 77,972 emails were [...]