Let's talk about response rates - realistically

Twenty years ago, I developed a lead generation program for a technical recruiting employment firm.

This medium-sized company placed highly skilled technical professionals into contract positions with technology companies. At the time, the owner of the firm was anticipating a growth in demand for contract employees – and he wanted to build his database of […]

Sometimes I forget I'm a copywriter

Every year around this time as we approach the holiday season, I begin to assess my business direction for the past year to see what worked and how I might better invest time moving forward.

Almost every year, I come to same conclusion:

I spend a lot of time working on projects outside my area […]

Never Fall in Love with a Mailer Format

As marketers, it’s so easy to fall in love with a direct mail format.

A nicely designed mailer comes across your desk and you like what you see – and you think, “This could work for me to.”

Well, it might work for you – but it might not too.

It depends […]

9 Common Excuses for NOT Testing

Testing is one of the most-preached and least-practiced activities in marketing. What is your excuse for not testing?

Everyone pays lip service to testing, but how many actually do it? Very few, in my opinion.

The only marketers who actually use testing on a consistent basis are those who depend on direct response (including […]

Really Simple SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) seems very complicated, doesn’t it.

Just the name itself will make you dizzy. Then there’s the onslaught of advice you get around keywords, meta data, inbound links and, of course, content creation.

It’s a bit overwhelming especially if you don’t focus on this topic. You can see why people feel the […]

How to develop a direct mail budget

New clients come to us with two different scenarios for their direct mail budget:

One group already has a budget and wants to know what can be done with it. They are usually looking for ideas and a proposal. The other group knows what they want to do – and often how many pieces they […]