The Problem with Most Taglines

Today, I spent a good 10 minutes in my car following a National Grid truck on my way home from an appointment. It was a slow, stop-and-go ride through several back roads with no way to pass.

With each stop, I would come face to face with the National Grid logo – and its tagline:


Let's talk about response rates - realistically

Twenty years ago, I developed a lead generation program for a technical recruiting employment firm.

This medium-sized company placed highly skilled technical professionals into contract positions with technology companies. At the time, the owner of the firm was anticipating a growth in demand for contract employees – and he wanted to build his database of […]

Sometimes I forget I'm a copywriter

Every year around this time as we approach the holiday season, I begin to assess my business direction for the past year to see what worked and how I might better invest time moving forward.

Almost every year, I come to same conclusion:

I spend a lot of time working on projects outside my area […]

Copywriting - Do you edit while you write?

I do. I’m ashamed to admit it.

It’s a terrible habit for any copywriter. I’ve tried to kick the habit. I really have.

At times, I’m successful. I go through periods when I can discipline myself to finish the copywriting before I start editing.

But I am human. I am weak. And too often I […]

Marketing messages: Juggling your way to distraction

Many people in the marketing and advertising world place a very high value on creativity … on being different … on being original.

But I would argue that creativity is over-valued, and at times, it can even work against you in creating your marketing messages.

How many times have you seen an ad that […]