In Direct Response, All Roads Still Lead to the Offer


You’re about ready to kick off a new direct mail campaign and you are hoping for the best response ever. Look at your offer.

You’ve been running search ads on Google Adwords. You get plenty of clicks (sometimes expensive clicks), but your conversion of clicks-to-leads is very disappointing. Look at your offer.

You […]

How to measure Lead Quality

You hear a lot about lead quality these days. That’s encouraging news.

It used to be that when you talked about sales leads, the focus was always on lead quantity – getting more leads. High response rates always seem to rule the day.

But at some point, marketers began to realize lead quantity isn’t enough.


How to build a Sales Lead Funnel

As marketers, most of us spend a lot of time worrying about of the “front end” of our marketing efforts.

Advertising campaigns … direct mail campaigns … email campaigns … search campaigns … PR campaigns … content marketing campaigns … trade show campaigns … etc., etc.

These are all important parts of your marketing and […]

How do you qualify an inbound lead?

So you write a post, distribute it to your subscribers, share it on social media and then watch as visitors come to your blog or website and download your free report in return for their email address.

This is how leads are generated through inbound marketing.

The best part is that over time that same […]

Sometimes I forget I'm a copywriter

Every year around this time as we approach the holiday season, I begin to assess my business direction for the past year to see what worked and how I might better invest time moving forward.

Almost every year, I come to same conclusion:

I spend a lot of time working on projects outside my area […]

Marketing Surveys: How to get your direct mail and email to 'listen'

We’re all familiar with that age-old stereotype of a salesman – that back-slapping, fast-talking charmer who won’t let you get a word in edgewise.

Problem is that stereotype doesn’t work anymore.

Good sales people aren’t talkers at all – they’re listeners. And the best sales people are great listeners.

Sure they ask a lot […]