Past Assignments

Technical personnel firm
National lead generation campaign — using direct mail, card decks and direct response advertising — to recruit skilled technical professionals. A separate campaign was developed to identify potential clients of the firm’s services.
Financial software firm
National direct mail traffic-building program — using a single self-mailer — to schedule appointments and bring prospects to the firm’s booth at upcoming trade shows.
Banking software firm
National direct mail lead generation campaigns — using numerous letter packages —
to sell high-end application software to the largest banks in the United States.
Management consulting firm
National direct mail lead generation campaign — using a sales letter package — to promote management consulting services to senior bank executives.
Internet design/hosting firm
National brand-building direct mail campaign — developing a series of 4-color postcards — to build awareness and produce sales leads from an internally developed industry list.
Plastics manufacturer
Created a four-color corporate brochure to provide an overview of the company as well case histories from major clients.
Technical personnel firm
Created two fulfillment pieces – a brochure and a booklet – as incentives for the company’s direct mail lead generation campaign.
Commercial printer
Created a series of 12 mini-newsletters to be mailed every two months over a two-year period.
Consulting firm
Created a series of three corporate brochures to provide an overview of the firm’s services.
Business book publisher
Created an order generation self-mailer to sell a $700 human resources publication.
Mini-computer company
Created an on-line direct marketing “how to” manual for managers to use in producing their own direct marketing programs.
Research firm
Evaluated the existing direct marketing program and provided recommendations for creative, production, list research and testing.
Ramp manufacturer
Developed two direct mail pieces and managed monthly direct mail campaigns for 15 different franchises.
Supply chain software company
Developed a trade show traffic-building promotion to bring qualified prospects to the client’s trade show booth. Also wrote follow-up sales letters to different segments of the responding audience.
Security software company
Wrote two sales letters to promote various software products and generate sales leads.
Regional bank
Regional direct mail programs — more than 20 programs employing various direct mail formats — to generate sales leads, build customer traffic at branch offices, cross-sell to existing accounts and produce new accounts.
Money management investment firm
Developed a lead qualification/contact management plan designed campaign to pull prospects through the customer acquisition process. Then executed the plan using
a series of letters, brochures and surveys.
Amusement park
Regional order generation direct mail programs — creating several 4-color self-mailers — for season ticket and group sales to consumers, businesses, schools and other organizations.
Singles dating firm
Created a dozen creative concepts for new direct mail promotions, developed two concepts as mailers for testing.
Life insurance firm
Created two direct mail lead generation packages to introduce the client’s financial planning services for college education and retirement.
Money management investment firm
Created an 8-page color corporate booklet to be used as part of the firm’s fulfillment package. Also produced a series of smaller brochures that were mailed periodically to qualified prospects.
Health club
Created a four-color brochure and matching pocket folder as a handout to prospective members.
Mutual fund firm
Presented a two-day direct marketing seminar to provide the firm’s in-house ad agency with a better understanding of direct marketing fundamentals.
Nutritional health company
Developed a direct marketing plan for the introduction of several nutrition products to the consumer market.
Non-profit educational program
National direct mail fund-raising campaign — using a letter/brochure package — to target selected segments of an internal membership list. Scan lines and bar codes were used to facilitate tracking of response.
Non-profit educational program
Created 12- and 16-page four-color annual reports over a three-year period.
Non-profit membership organization
Created a 200-page promotion guide to assist 107 chapters with local community activities and promotions. This guide, which we have produced for the past 6 years, includes multiple print ads, radio ads, press releases, letters, logos, editorials, speeches and a wide range of promotional products.
Non-profit museum
Created a mini-catalog designed to sell books, art and other collectibles.
Community Health Association
Developed a lead generation program designed to recruit new physicians to work in community health centers in New England.
Marketing Association
Wrote two direct mail packages designed to promote attendance to the association’s annual conference.
Fire Safety Association
Created four direct mail packages designed to sell various products offered by the association.
Business college
Developed and mailed a prospect questionnaire, brochure and postcard targeting business prospects who might be interested in executive management programs.