Landing Pages & Squeeze Pages



We create and produce landing pages or squeeze pages to give clients an additional online response channel for their direct response promotions.  (We continue to recommend reply cards and 800 numbers as well.)

What’s Involved?

A landing page is a web page that is developed for a specific campaign.  The purpose of the page is two-fold (1) to capture the lead, and (2) to provide additional sales promotion for your product or service.  This may include a sales letter or other promotional copy – which can be either short or long (depending on your goals).  

A squeeze page is like a landing page except that is it has very little, if any, promotional copy.   

Landing pages and squeeze pages may look like other pages from the client’s website, but we try avoid some of the distractions that are common to websites.  We want to keep readers focused on the topic at hand and not have them link to other interests.  

The trend toward PURLS 

PURLS stand for personalized URLs.  These are landing pages that are pre-populated with the prospect’s name and address before he or she arrives at the landing page.   This is accomplished by giving each prospect a unique URL with the initial contact -via direct mail or email.    

PURLS offer advantages over tradition generic landing pages because the prospect doesn’t have to fill in as much information.  PURLS also have that curiosity factor in that the prospect may link to the PURL just to see what it’s all about.   PURL landing pages are able to collect the name/address not only from those who respond but also from those who visit but leave without responding.   

The most effective PURLS are those that can go beyond personalizing name and address – and that can deliver  uniquely relevant information to each prospect.   

The downside to PURLS is cost – which is not insignificant and needs to be factored into the overall campaign cost.     

Our Approach  

We typically develop a landing page as part of an overall direct mail or email campaign.  We want to give prospects many different ways to respond – and the landing page represents one avenue of choice.  

Each campaign gets its own landing page.  If we are segmenting parts of the campaign (for tracking and testing), we would create separate landing pages for each segment.   

For clients who are using many landing pages, we might recommend developing a landing page template so that updates can be made on the fly.  

For lead capture, we recommend an automated process so that email addresses can be verified and downloads can be accessed without any human interaction.  

Call for a Quote

For a quick, over-the-phone quote or a formal estimate, contact Bob McCarthy at 508-473-8643.