Marketing Mix

Our 3-Part Marketing System

In today’s marketing world, there are so many activities, tools and platforms, it can be difficult to know where to start.  It can a more than a little overwhelming.

But there is a method to this madness.  Actually, it’s more of a process, or a system.

We understand the temptation to jump into the next marketing campaign – whether it’s digital campaign, or a direct mail campaign, or a social media campaign – but before you do, we hope you will consider the following.  It’s a marketing system that provides an essential infrastructure to you marketing program.

This is a three-part marketing system that recommends building a Foundation and a Pipeline before you launch a new campaign.

Part 1 – Foundation Services

We established these Foundation Services to provide you with the essential services that will work for you day after day. 

Here, we’ll set up all the necessary tools and platforms to help you monitor your website activity, convert more website visitors into leads and keep your name in front of people who have previously visited your website.

Here’s what our Foundation Services include …

  • Lead Tracking Dashboard – this will help you track every phone call, every landing page response and every chat conversation
  • Google Analytics – this will help you see where your website traffic is coming from, which of your website pages are most popular – and so much more
  • Google My Business – this will affirm your business existence with Google
  • Website Conversion – this will help you convert more of your website visitors into leads
  • Lead Magnet – this will provide visitors with useful information, and serve as an incentive to convert
  • Landing Page & Sales Page – these are pages designed for lead capture followed by a direct sales message
  • Chat Box – this can structured as an automated chat box, an open-hours chat box or a 24/7 live chat box
  • Remarketing (Google and/or Facebook) – that will allow you to continue to serve ads up to previous visitors to your website

These services are provided to you on a month-to-month basis along with ongoing marketing consultation and direction.  Included in your monthly fee will be up to two scheduled hourly calls or Zoom meetings to discuss strategy and results.

Part 2 – Pipeline Services

Pipeline services refers to marketing activities targeting people who have responded to an earlier campaign and/or joined your list.  We see these services as essential to any lead generation effort to help prevent leads from falling through the cracks.

  • Introductory drip email sequence – this is a series of four introductory emails that are sent out during the two-week period after a new lead is acquired
  • Ongoing evergreen email sequence – this is a series of six emails created for your business and sent once a week (or every other week) to keep your name in front of prospects over an extended period.
  • Triggered direct mail postcard (or other mailer) – this adds direct mail to your follow-up sequence

Service includes the creation of 10 emails according to your specifications.  You will provide input, feedback and final approval of all emails.  Once created, we will load the emails into Constant Contact where we will have created a new account for you.

Part 3 – Campaigns

We provide this list of Campaigns to give you a broad overview of marketing outreach activities available to you.

If you are already a Foundation customer, we will provide you with recommendations for one or more of outreach activities below.  But you can select your own as well.

When you select a campaign, we will provide you with an overview of what’s involved in the planning, creative and execution.  And we will provide you with two estimates – one as a Foundation customer, the other as a standalone service.

You should note that some of these campaigns have a fixed beginning and end, while others are ongoing.  All campaigns may be stopped any time for any reason.

  • Google Search Ads
  • Google Display Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Direct Placement Ads
  • Content SEO
    • Cluster Content
    • Long-Form Content
    • Optimize Existing Content
    • Blog Content
  • Direct Mail
    • Targeted Direct Mail
    • Saturation Direct Mail
    • New Homeowner Direct Mail
    • Survey Direct Mail
  • Cold Email
    • Response-Focused Email Sequencing
    • Survey Emails
  • Website Supervision & Editing
  • Video Planning & Development