Sometimes I feel more like an electrician than a marketing consultant.

I just launched a new lead generation campaign for a client that featured online ads on the Google Ads Display Network, landing pages and sales pages on service called PageWiz and an automated drip email sequence on Constant Contact.

I have used all three of these platforms many times over the years.

But each campaign requires a new strategy, a new setup and whole new set of frustrations.

Here’s what this campaign included:

Lead Magnet – we created a free guide on a topic important to the client’s target audience.

Google Ads – we created three ad messages in multiple sizes – and tested the relative click-through performance of the three messages.  At the same time, we tested six different audience segments to assess their relative performance for clicks and conversions.  We also added Google Conversion Tracking and Remarketing codes to PageWiz so we could see how many clicks converted into leads (completed forms).

PageWiz – all the ads clicked through to the landing page to capture the initial lead.  Once that step was accomplished, leads were taken a Thankyou/Sales page where more information was presented and prospects were given the opportunity to book an appointment. Email notifications were then sent to the client.  Contact information was also sent to the client’s CRM and to Constant Contact.

Constant Contact – when a lead was captured on PageWiz, it was automatically added to a designated list in Constant Contact and an automated drip email sequence began – the first email going out immediately along with the promised free guide we offered in the ads.  This email was then followed up by five more emails over a three-week period – again all on auto-pilot.


Now, creating the various elements within each platform is the largest part of this job – by far. But near the end, we need to focus on connecting these platforms together.

And that’s where the fun begins. Sort of.

Enter The Electrician.

Connecting Google Ads to PageWiz, Google doesn’t like to connect to unsecured landing pages so you need to convert PageWiz’s default URL settings into a Custom URL using a sub-domain of your website.  You’ll need access to your website to create a CName and then point it to PageWiz.  More than you want to know, I’m sure.

Connecting PageWiz to Constant Contact used to be simple and direct, but thanks to security concerns, they now want you to use Zapier to connect the two.  Zapier is a powerful tool for connecting platforms (many of you are probably using it), but I find it unintuitive and frustrating.

Then once everything is connected, there is testing, and troubleshooting, and testing again, and more troubleshooting.

This is all very tedious and frustrating to be sure, well beyond my patience threshold. 

But oh so satisfying when you finally see your test form actually show up at the end of sequence on your Constant Contact list.

Halleluia Rube Goldberg!


This is not a new experience for me – maybe not for you either. 

I am forever looking for an easier way to do this work. 

I am now experimenting with a platform that will bring a lot of these essential marketing activities under one roof.  Not everything, but more than I have right now.

I am very hopeful this will simplify my life.  If it does, I will be recommending it to you. But I’m not ready to put away my screwdriver just yet.

Stay tuned.

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