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It almost goes without saying …

If you want to generate sales leads, you need to give people a reason to respond to your marketing promotions.

And one very good way to do that is through the use of lead magnets.

What is a lead magnet?

No, it’s not something you stick on your refrigerator.  A lead magnet offers a different type of attraction.

A lead magnet helps you attract prospects who may be interested in what you sell.  It gives you the ability to pull prospects out of a haystack of suspects.

A lead magnet is an informational resource – a white paper, a how-to guide, a tip sheet, an ebook – that is offered to your target audience to determine their interest in your product or service.

These prospects are usually not ready to buy right now, but when they respond by requesting your magnet, they are saying indirectly, “I’m interested on some level.”

Lead magnets is not a new concept.  They are know as”offers” in direct mail and direct response advertising.  Of course, an offer has a broader definition that can also include purchasing incentives such as buy-one-get-one-free.   Lead magnets are specifically for lead generation programs.

How should they be used?

Lead magnets can be used in all of your marketing activities.

  • Use them in direct mail and email.
  • Make them the centerpiece of your print or online advertising.
  • Put them on your website.
  • Use them as a conversion incentive on your landing pages.
  • Add them to you bio box when you write articles.
  • Mention them at the end of your seminar or other speaking event.
  • Put them on your business cards.
  • Add them to your email signature.

Should you have more than one?

The best lead magnets focus on a single topic.  They offer a useful (albeit preliminary) solution to a very specific problem.

But most businesses offer a range of products/services aimed at a variety of problems in multiple industries.

This suggests you may need more than one lead magnet.  In fact, you may need at least one magnet for each area of your business.

Learn more

For a broader discussion of lead magnets and how they can be used to build your lead generation program, visit our Lead Generation Magnet page.

If you need help either planning or creating a lead magnet for your business, call me or send me an email.


Written by Bob McCarthy

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