B2B Telemarketing: Finding the right fit in your sales process

B2B Telemarketing:  Finding the right fit in your sales process

B2B TelemarketingNot everyone is comfortable with outbound telemarketing.

It’s intimidating for many people.  Terrifying for some.

It’s safe to say many business people would rather have a root canal than make unsolicited sales calls.

But fear aside, B2B telemarketing can be a very effective marketing tool – if used properly.

Pick your spot

Like all marketing tactics, B2B telemarketing needs to find its place in your sales process.

You could use it to build your list, to generate leads, to qualify leads, to nurture leads, to convert leads into sales and to promote after-sale products and services.

At the same time, you might find that email, direct mail or other tactics can do some of those jobs more cost-effectively.

The key is to apply telemarketing where it will be most effective for your business.

B2B telemarketing doesn’t have to be a hard sell 

Telemarketing doesn’t have the best reputation in part because most people – including many sales and marketing directors – see it as an aggressive, “hard sell” marketing tactic.

To be sure, some telemarketers take that approach.  And even the most responsible telemarketers seem to have a knack of calling you at the most inconvenient time.

But if done right, telemarketing can work for you without being a pest or without creating a hostile environment.

Whether it’s to collect information (ask questions) or convey information (answer questions), telemarketing can play a useful and friendly role in your sales process and in your prospect’s buying process.

How telemarketing is used

Telemarketing has many applications.  You can use it:

  • To confirm contact information
  • To ask qualifying questions
  • To explore sales opportunities
  • To schedule appointments/demos etc.
  • To close sales
  • To renew, upsell or cross-sell
  • To reactivate lapsed accounts

In-house vs. Outsource

For many organizations, there is already an in-house sales team that handles multiple steps in the sales process – from lead generation and lead qualification to lead nurturing and lead engagement.

But every sales organization wants to be more efficient.  And so they look for ways to make the sales people more efficient by removing some tasks from their plates.

We offer telemarketing as an outsource service to make your sales operation more effective.

Services we offer

  • Sales Process Integration
  • List Building/List Acquisition
  • Script Tree/Call Guide Development
  • Initial Call Testing
  • Execution Rollout
  • Reporting

To learn more or request a proposal

If you’re still trying to learn more about telemarketing as a B2B sales tool and how it might fit in your overall sales operation, call Bob McCarthy at 508-473-8643 or bob@mccarthyandking.com.

Of course, if you know what you want and want to move forward right away, contact Bob and he’ll get a proposal to you right away