Contractor Marketing – Pricing

Every contractor  business is unique in its marketing needs and capabilities.

We understand that … and so, have tried to provide you with flexibility in how you use our services.

We offer our marketing services in three parts –

  1. Marketing Advisor Services – our Foundational Services
  2. Marketing Campaigns – choose one or more from our list
  3. Lead Nurturing Emails – stay in touch with all your leads using pre-scheduled emails

For a more detailed overview of these services, click here.

Part 1 – Marketing Advisor Services

  • Strategic planning/ website & marketing consulting services
  • Two 60-minute Zoom meetings per month
  • Unlimited calls and emails
  • Response Tracking Services
  • Call-to-Action (CTA) strategy
  • Monitor website activity through Google Analytics
  • Set up and link social media accounts
  • Google My Business/Google Maps optimization
  • Retargeting Ads on Google & Facebook

FEE:  $600 per month – this is foundational.  Parts 2 and 3 are only available with Part 1

Part 2 – Marketing Campaigns (choose one or more)

  • Google Search Ads – $350/month for 4 months, then $250/month – plus PPC costs
  • Google Banner Ads – $250/month for 4 months, then $150/month – plus PPC costs
  • Facebook Ads – $350/month for 4 months, then $250/month – plus PPC costs
  • Direct Mail – $350/month for 4 months, then $250/month – plus mailing costs
  • Print Ads – $350/month for 4 months, then $250/month – plus media costs
  • Google Reviews (add-on to Google Maps) – $250/month for 4 months, then $150/month
  • Social Media Posting – $350/month for 4 months, then $250/month
  • Lead Magnet – $250/month for 4 months, then $150/month – after 12 months, it is free
  • Sales Materials – quoted
  • New Website, Redesign or Expansion – quoted
  • Video Projects – quote

Please note reduction of monthly fee after 4 months requires uninterrupted service.  If you choose to terminate a campaign and then come back, you will return to the original fee.

  • PPC refers to Pay-Per-Click costs that are charged by Google and Facebook.
  • Mailing costs include mailing list rental, mailer design/printing, addressing, mailing and postage costs.
  • Media costs refer to ad placement costs in print media.

Part 3 – Lead Nurturing Emails

FEE:  $250 per month plus email service costs (we use Constant Contact)

Plus, these one-time costs to create your emails

  • Welcome & Introductory emails – 4 emails @ $75 each
  • Repeatable marketing emails – 4-8 emails @ $150 each
  • Holiday emails – $50 each – select up to 12 holidays
  • Seasonal promotional emails @ $100 each
  • On-Demand emails – $250 each – when needed

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