Writing & Design – Brochures, Booklets and Sales Sheets

Brochures, Booklets and Sales sheets

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Writing & Design Services

Our team of writers and graphic designers is ready to help you with your next creative assignment.


Whether for a trade show, display rack or an outside sales team, printed brochures are still part of the marketing mix for many businesses.

We write, design and print product brochures, corporate brochures and promotional brochures.

Assignments range from simple slim-jims and tri-folds to larger, multi-fold brochures.


Printed booklets – for conferences, trade shows, catalogs and annual reports – are still being produced by many companies.

We can write, design and print a wide range of booklet formats.

Sales Sheets

Need a quick handout for your product or service?

Sales sheets do the job.  Just one or two pages in length, sales sheets are most often used at trade shows or as leave-behinds by sales people.

We can write, design and print your sales sheets.


Request a Quote

If you have a project in mind, let’s prepare an estimate for you.  You’ll need to provide some details about the project, your objective and some background on the product/service and your target audience.

Contact Bob McCarthy at 508-473-8643 or bob@mccarthyandking.com, or use the form at the right.


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McCarthy & King Marketing provides writing and graphic design services for a wide range of assignments – direct mail, email, print, websites and online advertising.  Full-service campaigns are also available.