Campaigns/creative for direct mail, email and web

Marketing campaigns & creative for direct mail, email and web

McCarthy & King Marketing creates and implements integrated marketing campaigns to help clients generate more leads, higher conversions and a steady flow of new customers.

Personnel firm uses direct response to recruit contractors
This is a very exciting time to be in marketing.  Technology has given us a whole new set of tools to help us market faster, cheaper and more efficiently.

At the same time though, we need to be careful not to abandon those traditional activities that have worked so well in the past and continue to work today.

The key is to develop a balance of online and offline marketing – and to use results-based marketing to help you assess exactly how each tactic is performing.

We offer an integrated marketing solution – complete marketing campaigns and creative services that combine traditional offline marketing with the latest in online marketing.


Direct Mail Marketing

B2B Manufacturer Lead Generation SurveysSure it’s old school, but it still works.  Direct mail continues to be an effective marketing channel for many applications:

  • lead generation (prospecting)
  • order generation (direct selling)
  • education marketing/enrollment
  • membership/subscription selling
  • retail/restaurant traffic building
  • non-profit fundraising



Email Marketing

Case Study - financial software firm uses lead generationYou can’t beat the cost of email, but it’s a crowded field and getting noticed has become increasingly difficult.  We can help you with all your email marketing needs:

  • lead generation
  • lead nurturing
  • membership/subscription renewals
  • retail/restaurant customer loyalty
  • donor renewals
  • marketing surveys



Web Development & Online Marketing

Case Study - Non-Profit Educational FundraisingWeb marketing starts with your website and then uses multiple strategies to bring more visitors to your site and convert those visitors into sales leads.

We can help you with:

  • website creation/overhauls/tweaking
  • landing page development
  • blog setup and development
  • content marketing planning and creation
  • search engine optimization
  • pay per click advertising
  • social media integration



Copywriting & Creative Services

Case Study: Investment firm uses direct mail for lead nurturingOur copywriting and creative services are at the heart of everything we do.  Whether part of a larger campaign or as solo assigments, we can help you with four types of copy and creative:

  • direct response creative (direct mail, email)
  • digital creative (websites, SEO copywriting, online advertising)
  • print creative (print ads, collateral)
  • content creative (white papers, reports, how-to tips)



One-on-One Coaching

Direct Mail Marketing - Campaigns, Creative, CoachingDirect Conversations is our coaching program that gives small business owners and marketers access to our experience on a limited and affordable basis.    Through one-on-one coaching calls, we can advise you a variety of topics including direct marketing, email marketing, lead generation, online marketing and copy/creative.