Consulting & Coaching

Direct Response Marketing
Consulting and Coaching

McCarthy & King Marketing is a Boston (Massachusetts)-based direct marketing agency offering direct response marketing consulting and coaching services.


If you’re starting a new direct response marketing program, let us help you get off to a good start.

Our Strategic Planning service will cover everything you need to consider – from list research to creative advice to response tracking and analysis.

If you already have a direct response marketing program in place, but you would like to see some improvements, we offer a broad-based Strategic Planning service as well as more focused advice for specific areas of your program.

  • Strategic Planning
  • Mailing List Review
  • Offer Review
  • Format Review
  • Creative Review
  • Budget Review
  • Response Analysis
  • Lead Acquisition Review
  • Lead Conversion Review
  • Sales Integration Review

Consulting engagements may be conducted onsite, by phone or both.   Each assignment is completed with a brief written report that includes specific recommendations.


If you prefer to handle most of your marketing activities in-house, we offer a Coaching Service that provides your staff with both guidance and education.

As your staff members plan and execute individual campaigns, we will be available – onsite or by phone – to offer assistance.

Our role in the process is flexible and may be adapted to your needs.


Projects vs. Programs
Our Consulting and Coaching services are available on a project basis or as part of a month-to-month consulting program.


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