Content Marketing

Content Marketing – for online and offline marketing

The most effective way to increase website traffic and build your reputation as an authority in your field is through the creation of marketing content. This includes blog posts, articles, reports, ebooks, tip sheets, white papers, videos, tutorials and other helpful information.  Content is also used as lead magnets in traditional direct marketing to generate leads.  

Content Marketing

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Content Marketing 
is a consulting/creative service designed to help you plan, organize and create your marketing content.

As a consulting service, we will help you create  an initial plan, develop topic ideas and establish a process for getting content completed and distributed.  As a creative service, we will help you create and produce your content development – from blog posts and tutorials to white papers, ebooks and tip sheets.

We work with B2B, B2C and non-profits.


It starts with a Content Marketing plan

To be sure, actually creating the content will require your greatest investment of time and money.  But before you can create, you need to plan, organize and schedule.

You start by identifying the topics you want to cover in your content marketing.  Often this is done around keyword phrases but before you get that specific, look at the broad categories and sub-categories.

Then look at your audience segments and what types of content would work best for each segment. Some content may be simple and straightforward while other content may require a level of sophistication or industry expertise.

Here are some of the issues related to Content Creation:

Audience-aligned content

Understand that different audiences will be interested in different types of content.  C-suite executives may be more interested in the strategic implications of your product or service.  Function-area supervisors and employees may be more interested in tactical ideas.

Sales stage-aligned content

As prospects move through the sales process, their interest in your content may change.  Early-stage prospects may be interested in a white paper or tip sheet, while later stage prospects may want to attend a webinar or be interested in a free strategy session.

Gated vs. un-gated content

This is a challenging balancing act – knowing how much content should be open to the public and how much should only be available to those who are willing to give you their contact information.  Blog posts and videos are best used to bring visitors to your website. White papers, ebooks and tip sheets are most often made available after a registration process.

Content calendar

Content is most effective when it’s consistent.  But too often, the content development process gets sidetracked by other more urgent responsibilities.   By creating a content calendar, you are in better position to stay on schedule.

Content manager

Content creation isn’t going to be a priority for everyone in your organization, but it should a priority for someone.  You can also outsource this responsibility.


Our content team

We have a team available to work you and your colleagues – to either take responsibility of your content program or provide assistance to your existing effort. Our team is comprised of writers, editors, graphic designers, web specialists and video experts.


Content Creation is a project-based consulting and creative service. Creative fees will vary with the type and complexity of the content. Estimates will be provided in advance.  Planning fees start at $2,500.

If you are interested in an ongoing relationship, we also offer a month-to-month arrangement, starting at $2,500 a month.

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