copy diagnostics

Copy Diagnostics



Let us review your copy for clarity, persuasiveness and response potential.
Having “a way with words” can only get you so far.  

Our Copy Diagnostic service will take you to the next level. 

It’s been said that effective copywriting is more “what you say” than “how you say it.”  In other words, content is more important than style. 

And that’s very true.  You see, the goal of direct response is to persuade people to respond – whether to make a purchasse or simply request more information. 

So persuasion is the key – and that’s accomplished by what you say, by the arguments you make to your reader. 

How the Copy Diagnostic works
Our Copy Diagnostic service is designed to improve your direct mail, email, ads, landing pages or web pages. 

For each piece we review, we will look at:

  • the attention-grabbing potential
  • the presentation of the main message
  • the clarity of the copy
  • the crediblity builders
  • the urgency elements
  • the offer
  • the call to action
  • the response channels offered

How to get started …
Send us your direct mail, email, ad or web page – whatever you think could benefit from a copy makeover – and we’ll look it over.  For FREE. 

We’ll give you our initial reaction and offer a few ideas.  Again for FREE. 

If you want to take it a step further and have us a perform a full-scale diagnostic (with a written report), just say the word. 

Give us a few days and we’ll send you our thoughts.  For $295 per creative package. 

To learn more …
Call Bob McCarthy at 508-473-864.