copy editing services

Copy Editing Services



Let us the put the finishing touches on your copy.
Over the course of two decades, we have had more than a few clients who liked to do their own writing.  And some are pretty good at it.

But even the good ones can benefit from our advice. 

If you like to write your own copy– for your direct mail, sales letters, email, websites, brochures, booklets, white papers or case studies – call us and let’s discuss how we might be able to give your copy something extra.

Our Editing services can help you in the following ways:

  • Copy organization – we can help you organize your message into a logical, easy-to-read flow
  • Scanability – we can rework your copy to make it easier for your reader to scan
  • Direct response – we can add our direct response experience to your copy to improve response
  • Copy polishing – we can spruce up your copy to make it read and look more professional
  • Format conversion – we can take something you’ve already written (i.e, an article) and convert it into a new format (i.e., a white paper)
  • Proofreading – we can review your copy for grammar, punctuation and typos

To learn more …
Call Bob McCarthy at 508-473-864 and we’ll prepare an estimate for you.