Creative Process

Creative Process

Below we’ve tried to outline some of the steps involved in the Creative Process.  Not all projects will require such a comprehensive approach, but we wanted you to see how we work.



Message Development

  • Main message (main selling proposition)
  • Secondary messages
  • Supporting evidence
  • Message presentation –  copy, photos, art?

Offer Development (for direct response only)

  • Use existing white papers or reports
  • Develop new white papers or reports
  • Consider qualifiers, delivery and other conditions

Format Selection

  • Message/offer  will dictate space requirements
  • Letter package vs. self-mailer vs. postcard
  • Ad size vs. insert
  • Budget consideration
  • Audience consideration


Concept Development

  • Develop two versions
  • Additional versions optional
  • Develop finished version based on feedback


  • Develop an initial rough draft with headlines
  • Write complete copy based on feedback
  • Revise as needed

Graphic Design

  • General layout comes from Concept Development
  • Complete layout based on feedback and copy
  • Revise as needed


  • Complete project according to media or print specifications
  • Deliver to printer or media

Campaign Execution (optional)

  • Coordination of outside vendors (printers and media)
  • Estimates and schedules


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