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Automated Lead Funnel Services

Lead funnels are designed to follow up, nurture and engage your prospects AFTER they respond to an earlier campaign.

Lead funnels are also known as the “back end” of the lead process, while the campaigns (direct or digital) are referred to as the “front end.”

As leads are generated from direct marketing and digital marketing campaigns, they are then fed into the funnel to begin developing a relationship.

Lead funnels help to ensure that all leads receive the necessary amount of follow-up to support the sales effort.

We provide the marketing support to create, execute and manage these various lead funnel activities – most of which we are able to run on auto-pilot.

Let’s take a look.

Our Services

Landing Pages
There are single landing pages and landing  page sequences that bring your prospect through your sales process. These pages might include

  • Opt-In Pages
  • Book a Call Pages
  • Watch a Webinar Pages
  • Take a Survey Pages
  • Long-Form Sales Pages


Lead Magnets
Lead magnets are informational downloads – ebooks, tip sheets, FAQ sheets, videos, white papers, etc. – that are effective ways to generate high volume leads. We recommend them as a way to maximize your response with front-end campaigns.  We can develop them for you from scratch or using your existing content.

  • Start from Scratch
  • Existing Content
  • Formatting & Titles


Single emails and email sequences can be used in various ways to keep your name top-of-mind with all your prospects who have demonstrated an interest in what you sell.  While we can create emails on demand, our preference is to develop automated emails that will run on autpilot.

  • Welcome Drip Emails
  • Triggered Drip Emails
  • Branded Evergreen Emails
  • Holiday Emails
  • Birthday/Anniversary Emails


Retargeting Ads
Retargeting Ads are banner ads that keep you in front of everyone who visited your website – and not just those who converted in leads.  We create your banner ads in multiple sizes to fit the various ad configurations on the web.  

  • All Website Visitors
  • Segmented Visitors
  • Google vs. Facebook


Direct Mail
While we typically create direct mail on the front end with lead generation campaigns, our direct mail in the funnel is structured a little differently. We can create a mailer of your choice (usually a postcard or letter mailer) and then we can add it your lead follow-up sequences. 

  • Reminder Postcard
  • Letter Packages
  • Fulfillment Packages


The phone is still one of the most effective sales and marketing tools around. In most cases, we leave the phone responsibilities to the client’s sales team. But if we see an opportunity to add phone to your lead funnel, we will recommend it.  We can use phone services for both inbound calls and outbound call. 

  • Inbound Calls 24/7
  • Outbound Calls with multiple objectives
    • Confirm
    • Qualify
    • Schedule
    • Close
    • Reactivate

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