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Our website services fall into five broad categories

New & Redesigned Websites

Just as it sounds, if you need a new website, we can help.  We have extensive experience with WordPress sites, but if you need a simpler option, we can also help you with website platforms like Wix, GoDaddy and Weebly. Depending on your needs, we can put together a website development team (a web developer, a graphic designer and a copywriter) that can work with you and your team.

Expanded Websites

Even if you’re satisfied with your current website, you may need additional web pages to provide visitors with a fuller understanding of your business.  For example, you might need individual Service pages, or Industry pages, or Case Study pages.  These are important to your visitors and they are important to Google too.

Website/Keyword Optimization

While this is included in a Global SEO program, this work should be undertaken even if you’re not ready for an SEO campaign.  This service involves reviewing all of your individual web pages to be sure they have been developed with the right keywords in mind. We apply this service to both the public side and the private side (meta data side) of your website pages.

Website Conversion Strategies

Getting people to visit your website is important, but the real challenge is getting more of those people to take some form of action.  With this service, we combine the various response channels (phone, form, chat and text) with the right Calls-to-Action (info request, lead magnets, appointments, quotes).

Website Editing, Updating & Managing

This is an ongoing website management relationship to provide you with a faster, more efficient way to keep your website up-to-date.  We will edit, update and manage your website pages as needed.  We will also provide troubleshooting when problems occur.  Website hosting is also available, but not required.


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