Direct Marketing / Direct Mail Services

It is seen by some as “old-school” marketing, but direct mail is still one of the most powerful marketing channels for reaching a targeted audience and generating a measurable response.

It’s the only channel that can deliver a physical mailer into the mailboxes of virtually everyone in your target market. And unlike other media, the mail has to be seen by a human being (not a spam filter) before it can be discarded.

Of course, getting your mail piece out the door is a complex process – and getting people to respond to your mailer is even more challenging.

We’ve been creating successful direct mail campaigns for more than 30 years helping clients primarily with lead generation but also with direct selling, retail traffic building, brand-building and fundraising.

A focus direct response strategies

We often use the term “direct marketing” and “direct mail” interchangeably.  (In fact, we are doing it here.) But it’s important to note that direct marketing isn’t limited to a direct mail campaign.  It can also include direct response advertising in print, on tv, on radio, on billboards and, of course, in digital marketing as well (see separate tab for this).

The common thread in direct marketing is the use direct response strategies to generate an immediate and measurable response from every type of marketing channel. Then comparing the relative performances of those different marketing channels on a cost-per-lead, cost-per-appointment and cost-per-sale basis.

This should be the goal of every business.

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Types of Direct Mail Campaigns

Before you begin to think about finding the right lists or choosing the right mailer format, take a moment to consider what form you want your campaign to take.  Will this be a one-off campaign to test the viability of direct mail as a channel, or are you looking for longer-term plan that spreads out your lead flow and budget over time?

  • Solo Campaigns
  • Weekly/Monthly Campaigns
  • Multi-Touch Campaigns
  • Digital Direct Mail
  • Every Door Direct Mail
  • Monthly New Mover
  • Non-Profit Fundraising

Direct Mail Services

Our direct mail services fall into three broad categories – Campaign Planning & Supervision, Creative Services and Print/Mail Production. It is easy and all-too-common to get hung up on the more visible elements of the campaign, such as the mailer design, but understand that many elements go into determining the success of your campaign.


Campaign Planning & Supervision

    • Mailing List Research
    • Offers/CTAs Planning
    • Mailer Format Selection
    • Testing Strategy
    • Response Tracking
    • Digital Integration

Creative Services

    • Copywriting
    • Graphic Design

Print/Mail Production

    • Printing
    • List Acquisition/Processing
    • Addressing/Personalization
    • Folding/Inserting
    • Mail Processing
    • Postage

Choice of Mailer Formats

This is the most visible part of your campaign, but your choice of mailer formats should not be an aesthetic choice.  It should be based on your marketing goals, the needs and expectations of your audience, the complexity of your message and, of course, your budget.  Larger mailers with multiple pages or inserts cost more to produce than smaller mailers.

  • Postcards
  • Letter Mailers
  • Letter/Brochure Mailers
  • Folded Self-Mailers
  • Large Format Mailers
  • Snap Packs
  • Specialized Postcards
    • Custom-Shaped Postcards
    • VDP Personalized Postcards
    • Magnet Postcards
    • Plastic Postcards
    • Scratch-Off Postcards

If you’d like to discuss an upcoming campaign – or if you’re looking for ways to improve an existing mailing program – call us and let’s schedule an introductory call.