Direct Mail Consulting

Direct mail consulting is a service we provide to organizations that are new to direct mail or are seeking to improve an existing direct mail program.

For new direct mail users …

We can help you build your program from the bottom up.  We offer an extensive strategic planning process to ensure that you are checking all the boxes before you begin to execute your program.

From mailing list research to creative strategy to production planning, we will walk you through each step in the process.  We will also incorporate a testing process into your program so you can always keep an eye on improving your performance.

The goal isn’t simply to get your mail out the door. It’s also to generate a measurable response that can contribute to your sales process.

For existing direct mail users …

If you have a program that is not producing the results you expect or need, we offer a process for improvement. 

We will start with a direct mail audit where we can review every aspect of your program – or just certain parts of your program.

As we conduct your audit, we develop a series of recommendations for improving performance. 

Some of these recommendations will be what we call “eyeball” recommendations which will stem from our own experience of what works in direct mail.

But we will also offer a series of “testing” recommendations. We use a testing process that identifies key parts of your direct mail program – then replacing those parts with alternative that are then tested against each other live mail testing.

Let’s start with a chat

If it looks like we can help you, let’s get acquainted. Just a brief chat would do – maybe 15 or 20 minutes. 

Click here to schedule a call (or Zoom meeting). Or call 508-473-8643 (M-F/9-5/Eastern).