Direct Mail Creative

Creative is the most visible part of direct marketing.  It’s when the copywriter and graphic designer collaborate to create a postcard, a letter mailer or folded self-mailer.

Creative is largely a subjective process where different people have different opinions about the end product.

With direct mail, however, we make every effort to make creative more of an objective process.  Here’s how we approach it.

Message Development

Before your creative team can begin to develop your mailer, they need direction. They need to know what message you want to convey to a specific target audience. This begins by identifying the primary selling point – also known as the big idea or the unique selling proposition (USP).

Creative Concepts

A creative concept is the first draft of your mailer. It is developed together by the copywriter and the graphic designer. This gives you a good idea of what your mailer will look like. It often includes a complete layout with main headlines and some images.


Copywriting will have started during the Creative Concepts stage, but will then continue upon approval of the concept. The copywriter should be following the message that has been previously developed.

Graphic Design

The graphic designer works closely with the copywriter to make the mailer visually appealing and even more importantly to make the message crystal clear.

Final Artwork

Once the mailer has been approved, the final artwork files are then prepared for the printer. The graphic designer and the printer need to coordinate to be sure all specifications are being made.

Landing Page Creation

Included in the creative process is the creation of a related landing page for those who choose to respond online. Landing pages are often simple opt-in pages with a thank you page. But they can also include a longer “sales” page (often called a funnel) which requires a more extensive creative effort.

Lead Magnet Creation

For some lead generation campaigns, the direct mail strategy might call for the use of a so-called lead magnet. A lead magnet is an informational document – like a whitepaper, an e-book or a checklist. In this case, our creative team will work with you to create a customized lead magnet for your campaign.

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