Summary of Services

Thank you for your interest in our marketing services. Here’s how it breaks down …

Direct Mail Marketing Services

Direct Mail – Consulting
  • New Program
    • Strategy/Creative/Testing Recommendations
  • Existing Program
    • Audit/Testing Recommendations
Direct Mail – Creative
  • Formats/Messaging/Concepts/Copywriting/Graphic Design

Direct Mail – Campaigns
  • Custom Campaigns
    • Solo
    • Weekly/Monthly
  • Ready-to-Run Campaigns
    • Solo
    • Weekly/Monthly
Direct Mail Testing
Direct Mail Audit

Related Services

Landing Pages/Funnels
  • Simple Opt-in with Thank You Page
  • Simple Opt-in with Sales Page
Lead Magnets/Collateral
  • E-books, tip sheets, Q&A
  • Information Packets
Email Marketing
  • Cold Email
  • Opt-In Email – drip email sequences
Digital Ads
  • Audience Targeting
  • Website Visitor Targeting (retargeting)

Full Marketing Suite

Lead Generation Campaigns
  • Lead Gen/Lead Capture/Lead Qualification/Lead Nurturing/Lead Conversions
Local Business Marketing
  • Website/SEO/Direct Mail/Google Ads/Facebook Ads/Digital Ads/Drip Email Follow-up

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