Direct Mail Applications – How direct mail is being used

You may think of direct mail as a single marketing activity, but how you work with direct mail will depend on the selected application. 

By application, we mean how direct mail will be used in your particular sales and marketing process.

This is an important consideration because how you create a direct mail lead generation campaign is very different from a direct sales campaign, or a fundraising campaign, or a direct mail campaign for a retail store. 

The objectives vary of course.  And that changes your offer and messaging … and that changes your format selection … and that changes your budget … and that changes your response rate expectations.

Let’s take a closer look at different applications …

Lead Generation Campaigns

Give your sales team a consistent flow of qualified sales leads.  The goal is to create right type of lead with the right type of prospect.  We”ll help you find your mailing lists, prepare your mailer and get your mailing out the door.  If needed, we’ll help you create a lead magnet and a landing page.  And we’ll bring testing to your direct mail campaign and show you how to use your results to improve with subsequent mailings.

Finally, we help you protect your lead investment by developing a follow-up lead nurturing process to stay in touch with your leads over time.


Direct Sales Campaigns

Use direct mail to generate immediate sales for all kinds of products and services.  We’ll help you develop your strategy, research your lists, create your mailer and handle all of your production.  We will also work with you on testing the key elements of your campaign.  Our work will also include some consulting on the numbers – customer acquisition costs and potential lifetime value (revenue).

Direct selling (or order generation) campaigns typically require larger format mailers – multi-page self-mailers or multi-page letters.


Fundraising Campaigns

Find new donors and renew the donors you already have.  We’ll create your fundraising mailer and manage all production for you.  We’ll work with your team to develop the right “ask” amounts and the possible use of premiums (both front-end and back-end).  For new donor acquisition, we’ll also help you find your lists.  If needed, we will help you create a landing page for donations.

Fundraising campaigns for donor acquisition and donor renewals are very different.   Renewals expect to make money.  Acquisition hopes to make money but will often settle for break-even or slight losses.   It is understand that new donors will produce a lifetime revenue that far exceeds the cost to acquire that customers.


Local/Retail Campaigns

Connect with the local residents in your area.  These campaigns are intended for retail stores, restaurants, business services, household services, professional services and building contractors.  We’ll create your mailer and get you the lists you need based on your criteria and target location.  Target locations can based on zip codes, carrier routes or radius from the business location.

Because local/retail campaigns focus on a concentrated area, list costs and postal rates are often lower than other direct mail campaigns.  For businesses that want to reach every resident in a particular area, Every Door Direct Mail may be the best option.


Multi-Touch Campaigns

This could be called a Branding Campaign or an Account-Based Marketing Campaign.  instead of creating a single mailing that stands on its own, you create a multi-touch campaign that reached your prospects with several “touches” over a set period of time.  You create a series of mailers – postcards, self-mailers, letter packages – and send them according to a pre-arranged schedule.  

Multi-touch campaigns are best used when you have a select audience of high value prospects.  By connecting multiple times, you are building your brand in addition to generating leads.  You also integrate this campaign with email marketing.

Multi-touch campaigns typically use the same format with some common design elements, but will touch on different selling points.   Campaigns may be a series of product applications, case studies or product benefits.


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