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When results matter, tap our direct mail copywriting experience

McCarthy & King Marketing offers direct mail and direct response copywriting for a variety of direct marketing applications including lead generation, direct selling, traffic building and fundraising.

Bob McCarthy and Sheryl King have been writing direct response copy since the early 1980s and continue to do all the writing for client projects.

While most of our copywriting assignments are for direct mail projects, we also apply direct response to other media – both online and offline.

Why a direct mail copywriter?

If your understanding of copywriting has been influenced by what you see on Mad Men, you probably think that copywriters need to be clever, creative and maybe funny.

That’s not the case in direct mail.

In direct mail, where results are measured against investment, the copywriter needs to focus  on selling by creating a message that persuades and an offer that motivates.

Everything else is just a distraction.

Key elements of direct mail copywriting

Offer strategy Aside from the mailing list, nothing will have more impact on response than your offer.  If you are mailing to generate sales leads, this means creating a white paper, special report of other educational document.  For direct selling, your offer will focus on the price, discounts, deals and special delivery options.
Format selection Most direct mail campaigns do very will simple formats – letter packages, postcards, self-mailers.  But some applications require more complex packages.  Let’s help you decide.
Message development Messages are developed around key selling points of your product or service.  We start with the main selling point, often called the Unique Selling Proposal.  Secondary selling points are also developed and included in the promotion as needed.
Response planning The traditional response channels – reply mail, 800 numbers – are still useful and important, but today, we are use more landing pages (including PURLs) and QR Codes to capture response.  Of course, if you own a retail store, the preferred response channel will be walk-ins.
Visual strategy As we develop your message, we will consider whether that message can be better communicated with a photo, chart or some other image.  Visuals always contribute to a more attractive design, but the real test is whether that visual also delivers a message.
Credibility builders One of the challenges for every direct mail promotion is credibility.  If your audience trusts you, you are half way there.  Credibility builders include testimonials, endorsements, credentials and documentation.
Personalization Any time you communicate one to one, it’s good to get personal.  Personalization can include the simple addressing of an envelope and an inside letter, but it can also go much further than that.  Using VDP technology today, we can personalize just about anything and have your name imprinted throughout the direct mail piece.
Call to action With your offer and response channels in place, we will develop a call to action and then apply it throughout the mail piece.  By placing the CTA in strategic locations, you can maximize response.
Testing strategy If you’re planning to use direct mail on a continual basis, you will want to start testing different components of the mail piece to determine what is most effective for you.  This can be done over time.  We will develop a strategy to test the most important elements first.
Landing page Before the mail piece goes into the mail, we will create, host and test a landing page (or multiple landing pages) to be sure everything is working properly to handle response.  Of course, capturing the contact information is just the first step.  We will also set up an automated process for you to confirm the respondent’s email address, enter the contact information into a designated database and handle fulfillment of the propmised materials.


Learn more about our direct mail copywriting services

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Working with us

If you are interested in working with us, we offer two types of service engagements – monthly Programs and individual Projects.

Programs are best used for continuing work involving multiple marketing activities.  Projects are a good way to get started and get acquainted.


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