Direct Mail Diagnostic

The Direct Mail Diagnostic – review, analysis, recommendations

Let’s see if we can turn your program around.

direct mail diagnosticSo you’ve tried direct mail.  You’ve given it your best shot.

But your results were disappointing.

The most common reaction is that “direct mail isn’t right for my business.”

This may be true.  You might have been facing an impossible situation in which case, there was nothing you could have done to make it work.

But what if it was simply a matter of execution?  What if direct mail is the right choice for you, but you just weren’t doing it right?

Direct mail can be complicated and there are many ways to fail.

Let’s see if we can make it work for you.

The Direct Mail Diagnostic

We offer The Direct Mail Diagnostic to help you understand what went wrong.  properly and thoroughly develop your own direct mail strategic plan.  This is a 13-point plan that walks you through the process and helps you answer the key questions before you invest any time or money in the mailing.

Through a series of conference calls and emails, we will review your goals and

Here’s what we will cover:

  1. Your Results
  2. Your Expectations
  3. Analysis of Your List
  4. Analysis of Your Offer
  5. Analysis of Your Mailing Format
  6. Analysis of Your Creative & Messaging
  7. Analysis of Your Response Options
  8. Recommendations for Improvement
  9. Recommendations for Testing

With the Direct Mail Diagnostic, we’ll help you get your direct mail back on track.  We may not have all the answers, but we know the process and we know what it takes to find the answers.

Of course, if we believe your program has little chance for success, we won’t hesitate to tell you.


Get started now!

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