Direct Mail Format Selection & Personalization

Format Selection & Personalization



Which pulls better – a letter or a postcard? 

How much more effective will my mailer be if it is personally addressed? 

What if I want to do something very creative like put the prospect’s name into the design?

These are questions we get all the time from clients interested into doing direct mail.

Format Selection
You have many choices here – letter packages, letter/brochure packages, self-mailers, postcards large and small, conference/seminar mailers, multi-page booklets and dimensional mail.

In deciding which format will work best, we will consider the goal, the audience, the message and the budget.

For multi-component mailers, we will need to outline exactly what each component should be.

A key element in this process is the level of personalization you want or need. 

Will the prospect’s name/address appear on the outer envelope, the reply device, the letter, other inserts? 

Will personalized elements or relevant data be included in the text? 

Will you want to to use personalization in your graphics using VDP (variable data printing)?

These are all important considerations – and they come at a cost.  We can help you with this decision-making process.

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