Direct Mail

Direct Mail Lead Generation

While digital marketing has dominated the marketing landscape, direct mail continues to provide a strong and predictable way of generating leads.

Lead generation is just one of several ways to use direct mail.  You can also use direct mail for direct sales (order generation), retail store traffic building, multi-touch brand building and non-profit fundraising.

We’ve been developing direct mail marketing campaigns for more than 30 years working with B2B, B2C and Non-Profit organizations.

Full-Service Lead Generation Campaigns

Our full-service direct mail lead generation campaigns provide everything you need to get your mail out the door and generate a measurable response – in the form of leads, appointments, quote requests, sales and donations.

Here’s a quick overview of what our program includes:

  • Mailing Lists – we can use your mailing list, or we can acquire a list for you.
  • Mailer Formats – there are many formats, but we focus on letter mail and large postcards.
  • Creative – we will provide complete copy and design with your input and feedback.
  • Print/Mail Production – we handle all this on your behalf.
  • Response Channels – we will arrange for a landing page, QR code, reply mail, phone, etc.
  • A/B Split Testing – we will arrange for A/B split test to continually improve your program.
  • Online Enhancements – we can support your direct mail campaign with digital advertising.
  • Lead Follow-Up – we provide a range of lead follow-up services.

Let’s take a closer look …

Mailing Lists

Finding the right mailing lists is arguably the most important challenge for any direct mail campaign.

Let’s face it, if you’re not reaching the right people, you are assured of failure.

We use a variety of mailing list sources and methodologies to find the right list for you. Of course, if you already have a list, we can use that as well.

Mailer Formats

Direct mail gives you flexibility for using many different formats – everything from a simple postcard to a multi-dimensional package.

We typically use a letter package or a large postcard, but we can create many other options including a folded self-mailer, perforated snap pack mailer or a larger, multi-insert format.

Choosing the right mailer format depends on your audience, your product or service, you need for personalization and your budget.


Creative starts with an understanding of your message – how your product or service will benefit your target audience, why it’s necessary and how you are better than the competition.

Your message can vary by audience group or even by individual.

We provide a process for developing your message, writing the copy and designing the mailer – with your input and your approval – and unlimited, no-cost revisions along the way.

Print/Mail Production

Once your mailer is finalized and approved, we will help you get your mailer printed, personalized and out the door.

Print/mail production includes the processing your mailing lists, printing of all elements, addressing the relevant pieces, inserting and mail processing as well as postage.

You can mail first class or standard class (bulk). In either case, we will take full advantage of all postal discounts that may be available to you.

Response Channels

Your direct mail campaign will be judged by how many responses it generates.

To generate response, you need a call-to-action and a response channel. Generally speaking, the more response channels you use, the most responses you can expect.

We typically provide responses by phone, landing page (with a QR code), SMX text and, on some occasions, by reply mail.

Our landing pages typically use a 3-step landing page funnel to move prospects from an initial inquiry to a scheduled appointment during the same online session.

A/B Split Testing

Testing is a key component in any successful direct mail campaign. But testing is not just a preliminary exercise. It needs to be part of an ongoing process.

We incorporate some level testing into every campaign we conduct.

Our strategy is to first test those components that will have the greatest impact on your results – meaning we start by testing audience profiles, mailing list segments, calls-to-action and creative.

Online Enhancements

Direct mail is a powerful marketing channel on its own. But today, we are able to provide additional online support that will improve your results.

Specifically, we can use digital advertising on Facebook and Google to deliver additional touchpoints before, during and after the mail arrives.

We can also use Ad Retargeting to deliver additional advertising to those who visit your website and landing page – whether or not they fill out a form.

In addition, the US Postal Service can provide additional advertising through it’s Informed Delivery email notification service.

Lead Follow-Up

You’ve invested in generating your leads. Doesn’t it make sense to protect that investment by making sure every lead get a consistent follow-up?

We offer several ways to follow with your leads:

    • Phone – we will use outbound phone callers to qualify your leads and schedule appointments
    • Email – we will use automated email to stay in touch with all your leads both in the short term and the long term.
    • Retargeting Ads – we will track all visitors to your website or landing page – and then we will deliver ads to them as they travel around the web.

Solo Campaigns, Multi-Touch Campaigns, or Weekly/Monthly Campaigns

With direct mail, you set the schedule.

  • You can run a solo campaign, and then wait and see if you want to run another. Or,
  • You can run a multi-touch campaign that reaches the same audience with multiple mailers over a set time period. Or,
  • You can run a series of mailings – with each mailing going to a new audience. These can be run weekly, monthly or on your own schedule.


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