Direct Mail

Direct Mail Monthly Coaching

For clients are want to handle direct mail in-house but could benefit from ongoing advice and support, we offer Direct Mail Monthly Coaching. 

In this program, we provide education and direct advice on the key elements of direct marketing – as it relates to your specific program.

  • List research
  • Offer strategy
  • Format selection & specifications
  • Response channel planning
  • Messaging
  • Testing strategy
  • Personalization
  • Print/mail production

Coaching calls are handled through Zoom.  Choose from one to four Zoom meetings per month. 


One meeting per month                       $500 per month
Two meetings per month                     $850 per month
Three meetings per month                   $1,200 per month
Four meetings per month                     $1,500 per month

Minimum 6 months

Direct Mail Alternatives

If the program above doesn’t fit your needs, please consider the following alternatives:

Full-Service Direct Mail Campaigns
Direct Mail Consulting
Ready2Run Direct Mail 


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Bob McCarthy