Direct Mail Services-Campaigns, Consulting, Coaching

It is seen by some as “old-school” marketing, but direct mail is still one of the most powerful marketing channels for reaching a targeted audience and generating a measurable response.

It’s the only channel that can deliver a physical mailer into the mailboxes of virtually everyone in your target market. And unlike other media, the mail has to be seen by a human being (not a spam filter) before it can be discarded.

Of course, getting your mail piece out the door is a complex process – and getting people to respond to your mailer is even more challenging.

We’ve been creating successful direct mail campaigns for more than 30 years helping clients primary with lead generation but also with direct selling, retail traffic building, brand-building and fundraising.


Direct Mail Campaigns & Programs

Direct mail campaigns are developed in three phases – strategic planning, creative development and print/mail production.  We provide all three, but we do not require print/mail production.  If you have a preferred supplier, we are happy to work with them on your behalf..

Our focus is on the first two phases.  As a direct mail agency, we provide strategic planning and creative development services on a fee basis.

Depending on your marketing needs and objectives, we can develop any of the following:

  • Solo Campaigns – single drop or multi-drop mailings spread out over many weeks or months
  • Multi-Touch Campaigns – repeated, sequenced mailings to your best prospects
  • Integrated Campaigns – direct mail combined with digital – aka “Digital” Direct Mail

Here is what our campaigns typically include:

Mailer format selection
Direct mail comes in many formats – letter packages, postcards, self-mailer, snap-packs, catalogs and more.  Each format comes with different credentials in terms of costs, audience appropriateness, personalization, branding potential and response potential.  We’ll help you select the right format (or formats) for your campaign.

Mailing list research and segmentation
Reaching the right people with your mailing is the single most important part of any direct mail campaign.  We will help you identify your best customer profile and then find the lists that best match that profile.

Offer/call-to-action strategy
The offer, or call-to-action, will have the greatest impact in driving your response – in terms of both the quality and quantity   We will work with you to develop a plan that delivers the right response for you sales team.

Response channel planning
As an extension of your call-to-action, we will look at all potential response channels – phone, reply mail, landing page, etc. – to determine what is appropriate and practical for your campaign.

Messaging and creative development
Before we put anything on paper, we will work with you to develop the right messaging for each of your audience segments. Then we’ll write and design your mailer within the mailer format we have previously selected.

Personalization planning
Every mailer needs some level of personalization if only to get delivered, but we will also look at other personalization opportunities as a way of generating greater connection, more engagement and higher response rates.

Budgeting, scheduling and campaign supervision
Direct mail campaigns have many more components than a typical marketing campaign, but we can help you bring this together by helping you manage your budget and schedule, and all of the moving pieces.

Testing strategy
Testing is a central to direct mail marketing.  Not all campaigns are successful but all campaigns can help you learn – if you have testing in place.  Right out of the gate, we will set up a testing matrix to help you test and answer key questions about your mailings.

Digital enhancements
As a standalone, direct mail is a proven marketing channel.  But today, you improve your direct mail results with a range of digital components.  These include landing pages, PURLs, QR codes, retargeting ads, email, social media and more.



Looking for just print/mail production?
If our Direct Mail Campaigns seem to be more comprehensive than what you want or need, check out our Ready2Run program.  Here you will get everything you need to get your mail out the door and delivered to your target audience.    GET DETAILS ON READY2RUN DIRECT MAIL 

Direct Mail Consulting

The following consulting services are available to help you improve your direct mail results.

New Program Consulting
Are you planning to use direct mail for the first time?  We can help you get started with our comprehensive, multi-step strategic planning process.  We cover everything – from list research to offer strategy to format selection and testing strategy.  Plus budgets, schedules and response rate expectations.

Program Assessments
Could your direct mail program use a fresh set of eyes?  We offer our Program Assessment as a way to review every element in your direct mail program and offer recommendations for improvement.

Mailing List Review
By all measures, the mailing list is the most important element in your direct mail campaign.  Our process includes developing an audience profile, list research through multiple sources, determining an audience universe, segmenting the universe and developing a testing strategy.

Creative Critiques
Your direct mail creative – the look and feel of your mailer – is very personal to you.  But was it created to satisfy your personal design preferences or to achieve a particular objective?  Our Creative Critique will help you sort out the two – and recommend improvements.

Offer Strategy
Direct marketers have known for decades that nothing impacts your response more than your offer?  So what is your offer and how can it be adjusted to improve your response?  We look at your current offers and show you how they are impacting response.  We’ll also walk you through our offer development process.

Direct Mail Testing
When we recommend changes to your program, we don’t want you to take our word for it.  We want you to test it.  With this service, we’ll make our recommendations and then we’ll put them to the test with your campaign.


Direct Mail Coaching & Education

This program is designed to provide practical advice for your current program as well as education on the key fundamentals of direct mail marketing.

We deliver this advice and content through up to 10 one-hour Zoom meetings scheduled to your convenience. 


If you’d like to discuss an upcoming campaign – or if you’re looking for ways to improve an existing mailing program – call us and let’s schedule an introductory call.