Direct Marketing Programs

Direct Marketing Programs – direct mail, email and print ad campaigns

There is no more effective way to generate leads and sales on a consistent basis than with direct marketing. Whether you’re using direct mail or email, one-to-one direct marketing allows to reach out and connect with the people who actually buy what you sell.  Direct response advertising also works to generate response from a larger audience.  Most importantly, direct marketing delivers measurable and predictable results.

direct marketing

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Direct Marketing Programs cover three types of direct response campaigns – direct mail, email and print advertising – and are designed for lead generation or lead nurturing.  All three campaign types may be tracked and measured.

Our full-service campaigns include strategic planning, list research/media, creative, execution and results analysis.

We work with B2B, B2C and non-profits.


Direct marketing starts with the list

There is no argument:  the list is the most important element in any direct marketing campaign. Whether you’re using your House List or a third-party list, reaching the right people is critical to your success.

House Lists are pretty straightforward and will produce your best results.  Third-party lists are tricky and can require an involved process of research and testing.  We can help you either way.

Direct Mail Campaigns

Direct mail use may have declined in recent years, but we’re starting to see a comeback.  Part of this is due to a new appreciate for sending a tangible message to a targeted audience.

Here are some of the programs we provide:

Lead Generation/Prospecting 

Direct Mail Surveys

Order Generation 

Residential Direct Mail

Fundraising Direct Mail 

Email Campaigns

Email is the absolute best tool for lead nurturing to an opt-in list, but it also becoming a popular tool for prospecting to third party lists.

Here are some of the programs we provide:

Lead Generation/Prospecting

Email Surveys

Drip Emails

Email Newsletters


Print Advertising Campaigns

Print advertising and inserts are still very viable options for marketers.  By using direct response, we can monitor the performance of all your print campaigns.

Direct Response Print Advertising and Inserts


Direct marketing programs vary in complexity and costs.  Detailed estimates will be provided for direct mail, email and print advertising campaigns.

Fees for strategy, creative and project management start at $5,000. Month-to-month arrangements, starting at $2,500/month, are also available.

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