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Direct Marketing, Advertising & Digital Marketing –  programs and creative

Welcome to McCarthy & King Marketing.  We are an integrated direct response marketing firm providing traditional direct marketing, direct response advertising and digital marketing.

We work with B2B, B2C and non-profit organizations of all sizes. Our clients turn to us to help them generate leads, sales, traffic, memberships, subscriptions and donations.

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“I’ve known Bob McCarthy professionally for over 25 years. He first helped us develop a B-to-B direct mail lead generation program for our software business.
“Within 90 days, Bob developed lead programs and internal scripts that allowed us to move from an expensive direct field model to a lower cost inside sales team approach. 
“Our revenues increased while our costs went down.”
Chuck Page, COO
Darling Consulting Group


Discover the power of the Sales Lead Magnet

The one sure-fire way to generate more sales leads is to create a Sales Lead Magnet.

direct response agencyA lead magnet is an informational resource – a white paper, a tip sheet, a how-to guide, a video or a template – that helps to address common challenges for your target audience.

A lead magnet provides useful information by answering the questions your prospects are asking.  It also positions you and your company as an expert in the field. Let’s talk about creating a Lead Magnet for you.  Learn more.


Get first-hand intelligence with Surveys

Surveys are very popular with marketers who want to do market research or customer satisfaction evaluations.

direct response agencyBut we also use them for lead generation, lead qualification and list building.

By asking very specific questions, we can help you identify new sales opportunities early in the sales cycle.

Whether as a “first touch” or a follow-up to an inquiry, we can gather information about customer needs, purchasing timetables, decision-making processes, budgets, competitor involvement and more.  Learn more.


Put lead nurturing on auto-pilot with drip email

drip emailDon’t let those new leads fall through the cracks   Create an email series for your newest prospects and put them on auto-pilot.

Drip email makes sure every new lead gets followed up – even when you’re busy or on vacation.

You can also set up separate drip email sequences for different products, industries or applications.

Learn more.


Solo campaigns or year-round multi-touch programs using direct mail, email and direct response advertising. 
  • Lead Generation/Nurturing
  • Survey Marketing
  • Order Generation/Direct Selling
  • Retail Direct Mail
  • Non-Profit Fundraising
Choose a Direct Mail Format 


Multi-faceted online presence designed to generate more website visitors and to convert that those visitors into leads. 
  • Websites/Blogs
  • Content Marketing Creation
  • SEO/Organic Search
  • Paid Search/Google Adwords
  • Local Search
  • Online Advertising
  • Remarketing

Learn more.


writing and design

Click on the cover image to download your FREE copy.

Put your best foot forward with writing and design that not only communicates your message but also persuades your readers to take action.

Writing & Design services are included in our Programs above, but they are also available on freelance basis.  

Learn more.

If you need a marketing writer and/or writing-design team, call Bob McCarthy at 508-473-8643. Or download the Information Kit shown here.



Direct marketing consulting for:

Existing Programs – complete program audits to identify opportunities for improved ROI performance.

New Programs – strategic planning and expectations for initial program set up and implementation.

Plus focused assignments on:

Consulting engagements are available by the project, by the month or by the day.


Look beyond the campaign and start building a Sales Lead System

When it comes to sales and selling, you have two choices:  You can just wing it (as many do) or you can follow a process – a sales lead process that consistently generates leads and nurtures those leads until the prospect is ready to buy.

We’ve developed a Sales Lead System that uses multiple tactics to bring together every step of your sales process.

  • Sales Lead System Lead Generation – use multiple tactics and channels to generate the initial lead and start feeding your sales funnel.
  • Lead Capture – use landing pages, pURLs and QR codes to capture responses and website visitors.
  • Lead Qualification – use the phone or online surveys to identify prospects with the best potential  for buying.
  • Lead Nurture – use drip email and email newsletters to cultivate your relationship with new prospects over time.
  • Lead Measurement – use response tracking and Google Analytics to evaluate the performance of every tactic and channel.


Download  Generating Sales Leads: 8 Steps to Building a Sales Lead System


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