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Your outbound marketing partner for B2B lead generation and content creation

In what ways could your sales process be improved?  With more leads, better qualified leads, lower cost-per-lead, more consistency in follow up, improved conversions, more professional marketing materials?

We are a Massachusetts marketing communications firm specializing in B2B lead generation and content creation. We provide one-to-one outbound services like email, direct mail and telemarketing as well as lead generation programs with advertising, search marketing and your own website.  We also provide copywriting and creative services for B2B content creation and sales support.

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The Power of One-to-One Marketing

I’m Bob McCarthy.  In B2B sales and marketing, nothing beats personal relationships.

B2B Lead Generation - Bob McCarthyGetting to know your prospects on a one-to-one basis goes a long way in starting and maintaining strong relationships that eventually become long-term and profitable customers.

Clearly, the most effective way to connect with prospects is in-person and face-to-face where interaction is at its highest.

But face-to-face isn’t always practical or wise.

For some prospects, with some products or services, at certain points in your sales process, it’s much better to use other one-to-one marketing tools.

Email, direct mail and telemarketing

When it comes to one-to-one marketing, these are the critical tools.

Each of these can be used to meet specific sales needs – from lead generation and lead qualification to lead nurturing and lead engagement. 

But each also come with different levels of interaction and different contact costs.

An integrated approach

Any one of these tools can help your sales effort, but for maximum effectiveness, you should look at ways to integrate them into various stages of your sales process. 

For example, you can use direct mail to generate leads, telemarketing to qualify leads and email to nurture leads. 

But that’s just one example.  You need to find the right combination for your business. 

Let’s get acquainted.

Please take some take time to look around our website. We have lots of educational information – articles, reports, tutorials – you may find helpful.

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Bob McCarthy


Direct Marketing Lead Generation

Reach out and target your best prospects with our personalized, one-to-one marketing programs:

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Generate a measurable response from all of your advertising:

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B2B Copywriting and Content Creation

Fast, reliable and professional freelance creative services for outbound and inbound marketing.

  • Messaging/Value Proposition
  • Copywriting
  • Graphic Design

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We invite all inquiries from businesses, non-profits and agencies. We also offer cost-conscious programs for small businesses and solo practitioners.


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