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Drip Email and Email Blasts

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Drip Email

Drip email is the perfect vehicle for lead follow up and lead nurturing.

You create a series of emails in advance, load them up for a particular delivery schedule and then all new leads automatically receive your emails from the moment they join your list.

Drip email can be used not just for new leads, but for existing leads as well after they take a particular action.

We can write and design your drip email sequences.


Email Blasts

Solo email blasts can be used to promote products, services, conferences, trade shows, store traffic and so much more.

In many cases, a solo email would be developed and sent out repeatedly with just a slight modification to the top of the email.

We can write and design those emails for you.



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If you have a project in mind, let’s prepare an estimate for you.  You’ll need to provide some details about the project, your objective and some background on the product/service and your target audience.

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