Direct Mail – Education Mailers

Direct Mail – Education Mailers

For conferences, seminars and schools …

education mailersEducation and training organizations continue to use direct mail to promote their events and classes.

Given the nature of the product, education mailers need to provide a complete picture of its offerings – a conference needs to describe every session, a seminar needs to provide detailed overview of the class.

We create education mailers for:

  • conferences
  • training/seminars/webinars
  • colleges/universities
  • adult ed/continuing education
  • private/specialty schools

Choose a large mailer format

The most popular format for education mailers is the large self-mailer or booklet.  The size of the mailer will depend on the amount of content being offered at the event.

Large formats are needed because potential buyers expect to read details about sessions or classes.  Those details (session title, description, speaker) are essential for the decision-making process.

Generally speaking, the more information, the better.  But more information requires more space which increases costs.


Combine your mailer with your landing page

Chances are your direct mail promotion will be augmented by other marketing activities – email, online, PR, etc.

To ensure consistency from all marketing channels, you should have a landing page in place that spells out all the ordering details.  The landing page should repeat much of what will be in the direct mail promotion.

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Our creative services package

  1. Review the complete event plans
  2. Identify key speakers and topics to highlight
  3. Specify mailer format space requirements
  4. Create initial design with headlines
  5. Write complete copy
  6. Revise copy and layout
  7. Deliver finished art to client or printer

We also offer ..

  1. List research and list acquisition
  2. Printing, personalization and mailing services
  3. Landing page creation and hosting
  4. Automated drip email series for follow up


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