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McCarthy & King Marketing is a Massachusetts direct response marketing agency helping companies create and develop email marketing campaigns for lead generation prospecting.  On this page, we focus on email creative.

Copy & Design focused on results

The emails you send out are going to be face of your business.  It should:

  • convey a professional “look and fee”l
  • promote your company brand
  • generate the desired results

Our creative team will work with you to help you meet all of those objectives.

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More than just the email

With email campaigns, the creative work involves more than you might think.

There are actually three pages that need to be created –

  • the email – this is introductory promotion, starting with the subject line.  This stage is measured by click-through rates.[break][break]
  • the landing page with lead capture form – this page continues the promotion, but then attempts to convert the visitor into a lead using the lead capture form.  [break][break]
  • the thank you/follow-up page – this page thanks the reader for completing the form, provides the promised information (if it’s downloadable) and sometimes takes the visitor further along in the sales process.

Ideally, you will also want to create and test multiple versions of the email and landing page to find ways to improve both your click-thru and conversion rates.


Get started or learn more

So what’s your next step?  If you’re close to making a move, we’d love to talk.  Call Bob McCarthy at 508-473-8643 or send him an email at

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