Email Marketing

Personalized, Timely and Automated

In many ways, email is the Holy Grail of marketing.

One basic rule of marketing has always been:  the more targeted the media, the more expensive it will be.  But email is very different.  Your email messages can be:

  • targeted to the individual
  • delivered in minutes
  • measured in many ways
  • produced very affordably – especially if you are using your own opt-in lists

Email marketing is best used for lead nurturing, customer communications and direct selling when you’re targeting an in-house list of prospects and customers.  It can also be used as a lead generation tool using outside (rented) lists.

Typical Applications
You can use email marketing to:

  • promote (or directly sell) your product or service
  • announce and promote registrations for an event
  • keep customers or members up to date
  • promote webinars and offer white papers
  • build retail or restaurant business with coupons
  • conduct satisfaction or market interest surveys
  • publish E-newsletters
  • remind customers of upcoming events and deadlines

Standalone and Sequential Emails
Standalone emails can produce measureable results on their own.  But the real power of email marketing is realized when you can deliver a series of emails at a pre-determine schedules.

Instead of cramming all of your selling points into one email, the low cost of this medium allows you to spread your message out over time.

Stay in touch with automated emails
One of the biggest frustrations for many sales organizations is that sales people are not always consistent in the way they follow up on leads.

By putting your emails on auto-pilot, you can be sure the sales messages are getting through in a consistent manner – even if your sales people don’t.

Links and Landing Pages
A key component in email marketing is the use of links and landing pages.  Links are used to bring your reader to another location – to your website or a designated landing page.

Landing pages are created specifically to handle response from your marketing promotions.  Some pages are designed simply to collect contact information (squeeze pages), while others use extensive copy and graphics to sell the product or service.

It all starts with your list
Your success with email marketing is only as good as your email list – both size and quality.  The larger your list – assuming it contains qualified prospects – the more success you will see.  Multiple marketing strategies – including direct mail, advertising, PR, search and social media – may be used to build your list.

Single opt-ins will give you quantity.  Double opt-ins will give you quality.

It may take a while to build a sizeable list, but once you do, it will become one of your most important assets.

FREE Strategy and Creative Review
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