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McCarthy & King Marketing is a Massachusetts direct response marketing agency helping companies create and develop email marketing campaigns for lead generation prospecting.  On this page, we focus on email offers

The secret sauce to direct response

When you’re prospecting, you’re reaching people for the first time.

You’re introducing yourself and you’re hoping it’s the start of a long relationship.

But the only way for that relationship to continue past this first contact is to get them to respond to this one campaign.

And that is done with the offer.  The offer is the driving force of your promotion.  It will determine both the quantiy and quality of your response.

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What is the offer?

The offer is the promise, the deal, the motivation to get the reader to act.

When prospecting, offers are usually designed to generate a lead.

The most common lead generation offers are white papers. ebooks, catalogs, information kits, videos, webinars, seminars and demonstrations.

These are usually free offers intended only to identify potential buyers for the products.

There is no expectation to sell anything with this first campaign.  The only expectation is to get people to raise their hands and say they’re interested.


Consider the lead capture form

Which offer you select is going to have the greatest impact on your response, but you also need to consider another related element.

You need to think about how much information you are expecting in return for the whitepape or ebook you’re offering.

If you ask for complete contact information, including telephone, you will not get as much response as if you only asked for an email address.

But full contact information gives you a better quality lead than just an email address.

Which approach you take is up to you.  Just give it some thought.


Quantity vs. Quality

When you’re just starting out, you want an offer that will produce the highest response – the most leads.

But eventually you’ll realize that other offers that produce lower quantity response can produce leads that are higher quality.

By higher quality, we mean prospects who may be further along in the sales process.

At some point, you are going to want to test your offers fore both quantity and and quality of response.



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