event promotions

Direct Response Strategy, Creative & Execution

Event Promotions

If you run conferences, seminars, workshops or other events, we create direct mail invitations and promotions to build your attendance.

Start promoting early
Timing is a challenge for event marketing.  You want to give people as much advance notice as possible, but you also want to create urgency.

Repeat mailings as program expands
One direct mail promotion is usually not enough.  While cost is an issue, consider at least two mailings – the first to promote an early bird discount, the second to provide the final sales pitch.

Track, measure and adjust
The real strength of direct marketing is the ability to track and measure response.  After each mailing, we’ll take the results and recommend changes for your next mailing.  Not wholesale changes, but tweaks and revisions to help you find even better results next time.

Complement your direct mail with email drips, blasts and newsletters
Direct mail is a powerful marketing tool.  But when you combine it with email, you get a great one-two punch. Add email to your mix in the form of email drips, email blasts and email newsletters.


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