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Let’s get you more leads

Financial advisors of all stripes have traditionally found direct mail to provide the best path for reaching their best prospects – and closing more sales.

For general advisors, direct mail allows you to reach financially qualified prospects using publicly available household data for net worth, investable assets, home value, income and more.

For niche-focused advisors, direct mail can help you reach your target niche group – whether they are lawyers, doctors, teachers, veterans, small businesses, retirees, young professionals and others.

We help financial advisors use direct mail to generate qualified leads as part of a relationship building process.

Like it or not, most financial advisor leads cannot be closed with a single follow-up phone call.  It might happen every once in a while, but for the most part, these leads will require some patience and an ongoing lead nurturing program.

We combine our direct mail lead generation program with follow-up lead nurturing drip emails and retargeting ads.

We will work with you to create your own customized direct mail program that reaches your target audience and generates a predictable number of leads with each mailing.

We can structure your mailing as a one-time campaign or as an ongoing monthly or weekly campaign designed to produce a steady flow of new leads.

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Choose your best lead generation path

The goal for every lead generation program is to find more prospects who are ready to buy. These are people who are ready for a one-on-one appointment – the final step in the sales process. But what is your best path for getting more of those appointments?

Lead Magnet Mailings

Lead magnets – in the form of ebooks, how-to guides, tip sheets or even an information packet – is an early-stage lead campaign, and the best way to get high response and more leads (which will ultimately lead to appointments).

Seminar Mailings

Seminar dinners/lunches or any event that brings prospects together for a group presentation is a good way to generate engaged prospects.  Yes, you get those who only want the dinner, but there’ll be good prospects there too.

Appointment Mailings

You can use your direct mail to generate immediate appointments in the form of portfolio reviews, financial strategy sessions or just a get-acquainted meeting. But your response will be small and you will likely need to offer an incentive.


A full-service direct mail program – with flexibility

We have put together a direct mail program that does everything for you – but we also want to give you choices.

Mailing lists
Target the right audience for your business. Target homeowners by age, income, home value, time in the home and, of course, location.

Mailer formats
Postcards, letter mail, snap pack mailers.  Select the mailer format you want.  Each comes with its own pricing

Mailing quantities
After we run your numbers, you will have an estimated quantity for your entire market. But you can mail any quantity you want.

Response options
After your mailer is received, you want to give people as many response options as possible. Phone, landing page, QR code, reply mail, walk-in. The choice is yours.

Schedule flexibility
This is your campaign so you decide when you want to print and mail. Once everything is ready, you simply place your order to begin the campaign. You can mail any time with any quantity.

Plus, optional digital ad and email support

Direct mail works very well as a standalone, but you can also support your mailing with digital ads – to reinforce your message on Facebook, Google or any online ad network.

And as you start to generate leads, it’s important to have a follow-up drip email program in place – so you can stay in touch with those leads over many weeks, months, even years.

Get a FREE mailing list report – and complete pricing

It’s easy to get started.  Just tell us who you want to reach and where they are located (zip codes, cities, counties, states).  We will then produce a FREE personalized mailing list report along with complete pricing for your direct mail campaign.  It’s all free without obligation.

Let’s start with a chat

If it looks like we can help you, let’s get acquainted. Just a brief chat would do – maybe 15 or 20 minutes. Click here to schedule a call (or Zoom meeting). Or call 508-473-8643 (M-F/9-5/Eastern).

Lead Surveys

We also offer Digital Marketing Services


New websites are great, but chances are you just need a few changes. Let’s take a look and give you some ideas.

Facebook Ads

Facebook is the most popular social media platform on the planet with extensive targeting. Let’s see if it’s right for you.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews on Google and other platforms will get you higher rankings – and we can show you how.

Local SEO

How do you get your business listed on Google Maps (the Map Pack)?  It’s a process – and we can show you how.

Online Display Ads

Online display ads are everywhere, but we can help you place them in front of your best target audience.

Listings & Citations

Google has made it very clear, it wants to see consistency across all website directory listings. Let’s get started.

Google Ads

Google Ads puts your business in front of people who are actually searching for businesses like yours. And we can help you.

Email Marketing

Keep your name in front of the people who have already engaged with you and opted in to your email list.

Local Service Ads

Local Service Ads is a relatively new Google offering that will send you leads – if you quality. We can help.

“I’ve known Bob McCarthy professionally for over 25 years. He first helped us develop a B-to-B direct mail lead generation program for our software business. Within 90 days, Bob developed lead programs and internal scripts that allowed us to move from an expensive direct field model to a lower cost inside sales team approach. Our revenues increased while our costs went down.”
Chuck Page

COO, Darling Consulting Group