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Digital marketing, or online marketing, is the driving force in marketing these days.

But what does digital marketing actually mean – and how would it work with your business?

Mention digital marketing to most people and it conjures up a laundry list of activities that include SEO, content marketing, PPC, social media, etc.

But how does it all fit together – or does it?

We think it does – and we think we can explain it a little differently from what you’ve heard before.

Our Digital Marketing Services

We offer a wide range of digital marketing services, but for clarity, they all fall into one of three groups – an SEO-focused group, a paid advertising group and a follow-up lead nurturing group.

SEO-Focused Services

These are services that all contribute to your position in search engine listings so that you can be found by potential customers who are searching online for businesses like yours.

This ultimately leads to more visitors to your website and more conversions of those visitors into leads.

SEO-focused leads are also known as organic leads which means they are free.

That’s what makes SEO so important. It can take a while before you rank high enough to get noticed, but once you do, you will begin see leads coming to you on a regular basis. And they are all free.

Let’s take a look at what goes into SEO-Focused Services

Keyword List Creation
Google Business Profile
Page Creation/Updates
Meta Data Updates
Local Attribution
Directory Listings
Customer Reviews
Website Conversion Strategies

  • Keyword List Creation
  • Google Business Profile
    Your Google Business Profile (GBP), formerly known as Google My Business, is Google’s central repository for every business. This is how Google is able to find you, confirm your location and categorize you for its organizational use.  Best practices suggest you complete and optimize and GBP if you want your business to get ranked.
  • Service Pages
    You may offer a range of services, but how are you presenting them to the world?  Are they all listed on one page? Google has made it very clear it wants each service to have its own page with full descriptions, images and all the meta data a web page requires.
  • Local Area References
    When you sell to your local area, you need to be clear about the geographic markets you serve.  It’s important to Google and it’s important to your visitors too.
  • Customer Reviews
    It’s become very clear that customer reviews are important to the public, and therefore, important to Google in its ranking factors. Google pays very close attention to how many reviews you have and the quality of those reviews. Bottom line is you need to make customer reviews a priority and a part of your business process.
  • Business Directory Listings
    Directory listings, also known as citations, is one way for Google to confirm the existence of your business. Do a search for your own business and you’ll notice your business comes up many times on different websites – often business listing directories. Google uses these listings to confirm your (1) business name, (2) address and (3) phone number, also known as NAP.  If any of these items vary occasionally or if you moved recently, your NAP will be inconsistent, and this is a problem for Google.
  • Website Calls-to-Action (CTA) and Website Forms (conversion strategies)
    Before you bring visitors to your website, you need to have in place some strategy for converting those visitors into leads (and eventually customers). Obviously, a prominent phone number is a good start, but that just grabs those who are ready to engage.  To convert more of your visitors into leads, you also need web forms (possibly popup forms) and more incentives to convert.
  • Blog Posting & Social Media/Content Creation
    Another key factor in getting found on Google is the use of helpful, educational content on your website – often found in a blog, but can also show on a resource page. By adding regular pieces of content – articles, graphics, video – to your website on a regular basis, Google (and visitors) will begin to see you and your business as authorities in your field. And your new content is posted, it’s important to share that content on the social media platforms that make sense for you.

If you need a new website, we’d be happy to quote you a price. But in most cases, all you need are some enhancements as we’ve outlined above.

Paid Advertising Services

Everyone wants more visitors to their websites. You can do that via SEO (above) which can take time, or you can move more quickly with paid advertising.

  • Google Ads – for paid searchGoogle Ads is the flagship of the Google advertising program, and the leading platform for paid search advertising. Paid search brings you highly motivated prospects because these people are actually searching for businesses like yours.  Google Ads is a pay-per-click program meaning you only pay when someone clicks on your ads. But they will only click on your ads when they see them – and to get them seen, you need to place a bid (often $1 – $5 per click) – and that bid needs to be higher than your competition. Google Ads can be the most important advertising program for your business, but your costs can add up quickly.
  • Facebook Ads – and other social media platformsFacebook Ads is the most popular of all social media platforms for reaching consumers and businesses alike. Using the pay-per-click model, Facebook advertisers have many options for targeting your best prospects and building an ongoing campaign for generating leads. Most Facebooks ads appear in the feed of the target audience so they are likely to see then when your prospects open their personal accounts. As with all platforms, testing should be part of your process.
  • Online Display Ads – banner ads/skyscraper ads across many ad networksOnline display ads are those ads that run on websites, blogs, news sites, apps and any other location on the web. They are often banner ads (across the top) or skyscraper ads (down the side) but they could be smaller ads as well. Your ads can be placed on specific web properties, but they are more likely to be placed in front of people who match your customer profile. These ads are typically charged on a cost per thousand impressions – which amounts to pennies per impression.
  • Local Service Ads – Google-approved ads for qualified service providers onlyLocal Service Ads (LSAs) is another Google program which is relatively new and only available for certain industries in certain markets. Unlike most online advertising that is designed to generate clicks, Local Service Ads are more focused on phone calls and quote requests. But in order to participate, you need to be Google approved, meaning you need to comply with Google’s business requirements.

Lead Nurturing Services

Once you have leads coming in from your various lead generation activities, you need a way to stay in touch with those people over the long haul – many weeks, months, even years.

If you are relying on your sales team to stay in touch by phone, leads will fall through the cracks.

  • Drip Email Sequences – a welcome series to new prospects; an ongoing branded sequence for long-term engagement
  • Retargeting Display Advertising – targeting your website visitors with pay-per-click ads on Google, Facebook and other platforms

Pricing for Financial Advisor Marketing

We offer our marketing services on an ongoing month basis. If you need project pricing, please contact us.

Our pricing starts with a base monthly fee of $800. From there you can select one of four marketing programs.


SEO-Focused Services

Basic SEO-Focused Services – $2,200

  • Google Business Profile
  • Website Calls-to-Action (CTA) and Website Forms
  • Website Service Pages/Local Pages
  • Customer Reviews
  • Business Listings

Add Blog Post & Social Media – $1,000 for local SEO only; content creation for national SEO would be significantly higher and quoted separately.

Paid Advertising Services

Management Services for:

  • Google Ads – for paid search
  • Facebook Ads – and other social media platforms
  • Online Display Ads – banner ads/skyscraper ads across many ad networks

Pricing for:

  • One platform – $800/month plus ad budget
  • Two platforms – $1,400/month plus ad budget
  • Three platforms – $1,800/month plus ad budget

Local Service Ads – $300/month, but available for free with other ad options – plus ad budget

Test all three ad platforms at once – $2,500 for setup and creative – plus ad budget of $500-$1000 per platform)

Pricing includes a three-step landing page sequence that includes an opt-in, a sales page and a book an appointment page.


Lead Nurturing Services

Creative and hosting/management services:

  • Drip Email Sequences
    • $400/month for one email sequence of four emails (using our email platform)
    • Optional $1,600 one-time flat fee to create your emails, then you would handle formatting and deployment on your own platform
  • Retargeting Display Advertising – $400/month for one ad series – includes ad creation for multiple placements
    • Ad creation for one platform – $750; for two platforms – $900
    • Add pixel and implement campaign – $100 one-time for one platform; $150 for two platforms
    • You would pay a nominal per-click charge for all click-throughs from this campaign.

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Account Management Services

This covers our time for managing your various marketing activities – including planning, creating and implementing your campaign


Local SEO

What’s Involved?

Keyword List Creation
Google Business Profile
Page Creation/Updates
Meta Data Updates
Local Attribution
Directory Listings
Customer Reviews
Website Conversion Strategies

Paid Advertising

What’s Involved?

Google Ads
Social Media Ads
Online Display Ads
Local Service Ads
Landing Pages
Ad Spend/Ad Budget

Direct Mail

What’s Involved?

Campaign Setup/Supervision
Mailing List Selection
Offer Planning
Mailer Format Selection
Mailer Creative
Landing Page Creative
Print/Mail Production

Lead Follow-Up

What’s Involved?

Lead Qualification by Phone
Appointment Setting by Phone
Lead Nurturing by Email
Lead Nurturing by Retargeting
Reactivation by Phone
Cross-Selling by Phone


Pricing starts at $1,200/month for 4 months, then drops to $800/month


Pricing includes our fee for creating and executing the ad campaign plus whatever amount you want to spend on your ad budget. We r


Pricing includes our fee for creating and executing the ad campaign plus whatever amount you want to spend on your ad budget. We r


Pricing includes our fee for creating and executing the ad campaign plus whatever amount you want to spend on your ad budget. We r