New – Form – Making Snail Mail Work

Before you invest in direct mail, learn the strategies that make it work

Direct mail is powerful marketing channel that allows you to reach out directly with your best prospects on an individual basis.  Even in today’s online world, direct mail remains one of the most effective ways to connect with your audience.

But direct mail is also an investment – of time and money.  Just getting your mail out of the door is a hurdle. But the real challenge is getting people to respond.  And that comes with strategy. Learn the 13 lessons of direct mail strategy with this free ebook.

making snail mail workIf direct mail is part of your marketing plans, learn the strategies that have helped make it work for other organizations.  Find out:

  • how direct mail works in the sales process
  • which two elements will most impact response
  • how to build a predictable program
  • what to expect for response
  • why you need a direct mail “system”
  • how to develop a direct mail budget
  • how to balance quantity and quality
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