Direct Marketing eBooks – 3 books (copy)

Need more help with your direct mail?

Bob McCarthy
Thanks for stopping by.  If you’re looking for more help and guidance with your own direct mail campaigns, check out my three ebooks covering the fundamentals of direct marketing.

As you may know, the two most important elements in direct mail are The List and The Offer.  And the most visible part of direct mail is The Format.

I cover all three in my ebooks – which you can purchase below.  They’re just $10 apiece.

All the best – Bob McCarthy


Mailing List Research - cover thumb Direct Mail Offers Direct Mail Formats

>>Direct mail vs. email 
>>The critical role of the list
>>The House List
>>Should you buy, rent or build?
>>Types of lists
>>The list business
>>A 5-Step Process
Step 1 – Your audience profile 

Step 2 – Researching lists
Step 3 – Reviewing individual lists 
Step 4 – Ordering lists
Step 5 – Evaluating lists  
>>A simpler path for some


>>The secret sauce of direct response   
>>About response rates  
>>The offer – in everyday life    
>>The power of the offer     
>>So, what is the offer exactly?    
>>The implicit offer     
>>What the offer is NOT     
>>The whole offer      
>>The “strong offer” myth
>>The power of predictability   
>>Types of offers    
>>Lead generation offers   
>>Hard offers    
>>Soft offers    
>>Content offers    
>>Survey offers    
>>Order generation offers   
>>Order offer components  
>>Trial offers    
>>Continuity offers   
>>Fundraising offers    
>>Traffic-building offers    
>>The offer-response relationship   
>>Quantity vs. quality     
>>The offer perception     
>>Presentation of your offer    
>>Adjusting offer to match your goal  
>>Across all marketing channels


>>Selecting a format — first steps     
>>A strategic look at 9 formats    
>>1-Order Generation Letter Package   
>>2-Lead Generation Letter Package   
>>3-Marketing Survey Package    
>>4-Snap Pack       
>>6-Double Postcard      
>>9-Dimensional Package     
>>Specialized applications
>>10-Fundraising Letter Package    
>>11-Every Door Direct Mail Mailer   
>>Direct mail personalization      


46 pages
pdf format
38 pages
pdf format
36 pages
pdf format

or buy it on Kindle

or buy it on Kindle

or buy it on Kindle

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