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Full-Service Direct Mail Campaigns

Even in today’s digital world, direct mail remains an effective way to communicate with your prospects and customers – and most importantly, to generate a response.

For many people, direct mail is seen simply as a production process – finding a way to get their mailers printed, addressed and mailed.  While this is important, it is by no means the most important or most challenging part of the process – which is to generate a desired level of response in terms of quantity and qualify.

The services below are designed to help you achieve your response goals.

Direct Mail Strategy
A direct mail strategy starts with understanding your objective. This may seem like an obvious first step but it’s often overlooked.  Is this campaign designed to generate leads or sales?  Answering that question alone will determine many elements of the campaign including the offer, messaging and mailer format.

Most of the programs we handle are lead generation campaigns, but even then, there are different types of leads – soft leads (info requests), hard leads (appointment requests) and something in between.  Each of these lead objectives will generate different response rates (lead quantity) and conversion rates (lead quality).  They will also impact your cost-per-lead and cost-per-sale.

All of this needs to be taken into consideration at the outset.

As part of the strategic planning process, we will address key factors in your direct mail campaign including:

  • audience profiling and mailing list research
  • offer and call-to-action strategy
  • mailer format selection and specifications
  • response channel planning
  • testing strategy
  • print/mail budgeting


Creative Services
Creative is responsible for the development of your mailers.  This could be a single mailer or multiple mailers, or multiple versions of the same mailer.

We work with all formats, but the vast majority of our projects use one of three formats – a postcard, a letter package and a survey package.​

  • Postcard – many sizes available but we recommend a 6×11 because it’s the largest size available without a postal surcharge
  • Letter Package – typically a standard #10 envelope with a one- or two-page letter and reply card, but each one of these elements comes with options  May include a brochure as well
  • Folded Self-Mailer – many sizes available and may vary by the number of folds – last panel is often a reply card
  • Survey Mailer – typically a standard #10 envelope with a survey and reply envelope


Production Services
Eventually your direct mail campaign will be heading to a production shop for list processing, printing, addressing, mail sorting and delivery to the post office.  You can use our vendors for your production – or you can use your own.

COSTS:  All-in production costs (including postage) typically range from 60 cents to $1.00 per piece depending on format and quantity,  Exceptions are extremely small quantities.


Related Services
Beyond the direct mail campaign itself, you may need some additional services to support the campaign, including:

  • A landing page
  • A sales page
  • Phone tracking services
  • A reply mail permit
  • A lead magnet
  • A follow-up lead nurturing email campaign

These will be recommended – and estimated separately – as needed.

Direct Mail Alternatives

If the program above doesn’t fit your needs, please consider the following alternatives:

Direct Mail Consulting
Direct Mail Monthly Coaching
Ready2Run Direct Mail 



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