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Online advertising is growing in popularity with more media options, better targeting and more affordable pricing structures.

The largest platform for online advertising is Google.

Google offers three paid advertising programs to help you generate leads: Search Advertising, Display Advertising and Remarketing Advertising.

With Google Advertising, you can:

  • Reach any industry or consumer interest
  • Target down to the zip code or radius from your address
  • Pay only when someone clicks on your ad
  • Track and measure performance against costs

We can help you set up, create and manage any one, two or all three of Google’s advertising programs.

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Google Search Advertising

Search advertising is a proven advertising vehicle for businesses wanting to be found on Google by people “searching” for businesses like theirs.

Google Adwords is the most established paid search platform (with Bing a distant second) that helps you reach people who are actually searching for companies like yours.  Search advertising gives you an edge over traditional advertising because your target audience is in either a buy or research mode.

Adwords uses a pay-per-click model that charges you only when someone clicks on your ad.  Prior to the click, you will get certain positioning on a Google search page based in part on how much you are willing to pay per click.  Google also looks at your ad relevance and ad quality to determine positioning.

Adwords allows you to connect with prospects based on the keyword phrases they are using when searching.  If there is a match in the keyword phrases and your bid is competitive, your 3-line text ad will appear in the advertising section of the search page.  The advertising section is in the right column of the page and often in the top 3 slots of the main column.


Google Display Advertising

Google provides advertising opportunities through its network of websites, blogs, media sites and other properties.

You can reach large audiences or very narrow niche industries, interests or demographics using a combination of keyword phrases and topical placements.

You can use text-based advertising on the Display Network, but for maximum impact, Google also offers display ads which are more visual.  Google offers 14 different ad sizes – everything from larger banner and skyscraper ads to small square space ads.

The more ad sizes you submit to Google, the more exposure you will have.

Like Search Advertising, Google Display Advertising is also pay-per-click, but the Display Network tends to be lower cost.


Google Remarketing Advertising

When visitors come to your website and leave without filling out a form, they are often gone for good.

But thanks to Google’s Remarketing Advertising, you can continue to send them advertising long after they are gone as they visit other sites on the web.  Remarketing is also a pay-per-click program.

You may have been exposed to Remarketing yourself as it seems like an ad is following you around the web.

You can set up your Remarketing campaign to everyone who visits your website – or just to specific pages on your website.  This would allow you to send specific ads to visitors with a specific interest.


Additional Components

When you run a Google pay-per-click program, remember when someone clicks on your ad, they are taken somewhere.

Sometimes, advertisers will send their clicks to their home page where they hope people will know what to do.

But a much better approach is to create specific landing pages that will convert that visitor into a lead.  Landing pages are form pages designed to persuade visitors to leave their contact information before they leave.

A strong landing page is critical to the success of your program.  You may need to test different landing page components to come up with the highest converting landing page.

Landing pages can be hosted on your website or through a third-party service.

In some cases, the call-to-action is not to fill out a form; it’s to call the business.  If you are using the same number all the time, there is no way to know for sure where your calls (leads) are coming from.  A call tracking service can help you with that.


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