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How-To Books

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You can’t go wrong with Bob Bly’s advice.  I’ve been buying and reading Bob’s books for many years now.  Bob is one of the top direct response copywriters in the country.  He really knows his stuff and is in great demand as a writer, consultant and public speaker.  I highly recommend his publications. 

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The Internet Retirement Marketing Plan

Are you looking for a way to “escape” the 9-to-5 rat race? Do you feel chained to your desk – at a job you don’t like – by the reality of having to earn money?

Most of us trade our time for money.  We may make a very nice living doing that … but we are never truly free as long as we punch a time clock – or have a boss telling us what to do.  We have to get up early in the morning every day … commute in the cold and dark … and put in long hours making money for someone else.

But now, Bob Bly has discovered a safe, sure-fire way for you to completely retire – within 18 to 24 months from today – even if you haven’t saved a dime for retirement.

In his new audio program, “The Internet Marketing Retirement Plan,” Bob will show you how he did it.

Wouldn’t you like to be in a position where you can do anything you want each day – rather than having to get up early and commuting to work every morning?  To discover the 3 simple steps to building an online “retirement income” just click here now:


Selling Your Services

We all know that business is incredibly competitive today. It’s important to be good at your craft and deliver superior service, but these things alone are no longer enough to ensure your continued success. 

Those who make the most money in any field, industry, or profession are not necessarily those who have the most knowledge, are most experienced in their craft, or sell the highest quality service. No, those who make the most money, charge the top fees, and are constantly in demand are those who are best at selling and marketing themselves!
It doesn’t matter what you are selling – professional, creative, trade, or technical services – or what your profession is.  Bob Bly’s 5-step Selling Your Services process is packed with business-building selling techniques that will enable you to gain the selling skills you need to be more confident in selling, enjoy it more, generate a flood of leads and inquiries for your services, stand out from your competition, and get more and better clients to hire you, more often, for bigger fees.

Now YOU can increase your personal income $100,000 to $200,000 a year or more – simply by becoming much more effective at selling your services to potential clients, at the fees you want to charge.

For more information, on this audio program, combined with 2 FREE BONUS CD’s, click below now:


Become an Instant Guru

Become much more famous in your niche or industry than you are right now. Move to the top of your profession – in demand for your product or service, status, prestige, and income.

In Bob Bly’s new program, “Become an Instant Guru,” he shares with you proven, utterly pragmatic methods you can use to quickly and easily become the recognized authority in your field … starting in as little as 90 days!

“Become an Instant Guru” has been completely updated and professionally recorded on 5 long-playing CDs (and look for a sixth FREE bonus CD inside when your package arrives!). There’s no lengthy manual to read or boring workbook to complete. You can master the entire “instant guru” process … in about a week … while listening in your car as you drive to and from work each day. It’s that easy!

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Write and Grow Rich!

Make $100,000 a Year or More as a Freelance Writer Working at Home … and Have the Time of Your Life Doing It! In Bob Bly’s new writer’s manual, Write and Grow Rich, he shares dozens of his best strategies  — proven, utterly pragmatic methods you can use to quickly and easily start and run your own $100,000-a-year freelance writing business.  

This writer’s “coaching service” valued at over $2000, can be yours now for only $29. 

For more information, click below now:


Ultimate Direct Response Secrets

In this just-released program “Ultimate Direct Response Secrets,” a top Internet marketer and a veteran direct mail copywriter — Fred Gleeck and Bob Bly — share their combined 4 decades of marketing experience to enable you to increase your marketing response rates as never before.

In Part I of “Ultimate Direct Response Secrets,” Bob Bly, who has been paid millions of dollars during his career to write promotions for Phillips Publishing, Boardroom, Nightingale-Conant, Institutional Investor, and dozens of other companies, shares with you the “best of the best” of his arsenal of proven direct response techniques.

Next, in Part II of “Ultimate Direct Response Secrets,” Fred Gleeck – known to tens of thousands of marketers as “The King of Content” and “The Product Guru” — shows how the Web can drastically reduce your marketing costs while multiplying your sales.

In all, you’ll get dozens of powerful marketing tactics and tips – professionally recorded on 5 long-playing CDs, plus 3 bonus CD’s for a total of 8 in all.

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