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Lead generation and marketing programs for consulting firms

McCarthy & King Marketing offers a wide range of lead generation and marketing programs for consultants and consulting firms.

We combine the best of traditional outbound marketing (direct mail, advertising, telephone) with the latest inbound marketing strategies (website, SEO, social media) to keep your funnel filled with qualified leads.

Whether you’re a small, upcoming boutique firm or an established full-service regional or national firm, we can help you in a number of ways:

Client interviews for bank consultng firm, Darling Consulting Group

One of a series of testimonial client interviews for this bank consulting firm

  • Sales & Marketing Strategy
  • Reputation Building
  • Sales Lead System
  • Website Design
  • Whitepaper Creation
  • Blog Strategy & Creation
  • SEO & Online Marketing
  • Direct Mail Lead Generation
  • Print & Online Advertising
  • Email Lead Nurturing
  • Email Newsletter
  • Trade Show Marketing Support
  • Press Releases & Publicity
  • Company Brochures & Presentation Kits
  • Interviews, Case Studies & Customer Stories

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Sales & Marketing Strategy
Are you looking for advice on how to generate more leads and sales?  Would you like to see more measurability and accountability in your marketing efforts?  Could your business benefit from a more systematic approach to sales and marketing?

From a “big picture” perspective to the smallest details of individual projects, we can help your business produce more leads, sales and repeat customers.

Let us help you with a sales and marketing strategy that makes sense – and that is practical for you to implement.   We understand the reality of limited resources and limited budgets.
Reputation Building

What are you doing to build your reputation as an authority in your field?  Writing articles?  Giving seminars and speeches?  Writing a book?  There are many ways to do this.  Let us help you build your reputation as an expert in a way that’s compatible with your personality.
Sales Lead System
Whether you use inside sales, outside sales or both, our Sales Lead System gives you the marketing support your sales process needs from inquiry to close.    Let us work with your sales and marketing teams to develop highly responsive lead generation and lead nurturing marketing materials.
Website Design

From brand new websites to a website overhaul to simple tweaks and additions, we can help you turn your website into a lead generation and sales machine.  Let us help you develop a website that makes you proud – a website that delivers your core message, builds your brand and captures more leads and sales from the people who visit your site.
Whitepaper Creation
One of the best ways to generate leads and build your reputation as an expert is by writing and producing white papers, special reports, e-books and how-to booklets.  We can help you with any or all parts of this process – topic selection, writing, editing, design, formatting, production and distribution.
Blog Strategy & Creation
Blogging has become a very popular marketing tool for professionals who have something to say.  If this interests you, we can help you with the entire process – physically setting up the blog, but more importantly, planning a complete blogging strategy that uses realistic schedules and expectations and integrates with the SEO/social media strategy. 
SEO & Online Marketing

Online marketing is all about getting traffic to your website.  Let us show you how you can combine keyword research and SEO (search engine optimization) with blogging and social media to improve your search engine positions and generate a steady flow of new visitors.
Direct Mail Lead Generation

When it comes to reaching a pre-qualified target audience, you can’t beat direct mail.  From persuasive sales letter packages to creatively designed postcards, self-mailers, booklets and catalogs, we can help you with all aspects of your direct mail program.
Print & Online Advertising
Whether you want to build your brand and generate sales leads, advertising is still a good option.  From print ads and printed inserts to online banners and pay-per-click ads, your choices are many – and we can help.
Email Lead Nurturing
It’s one of the great marketing tools of our day.  It’s targeted, personal, fast, and very affordable.  Let us show you how to use email to nurture your leads through the sales process.  We can help you create separate email “drip” campaigns and solo email blasts for multiple target audiences, service interests and stages in the sales cycle.
Email Newsletter

As a way to stay in touch, educate your audience and build your reputation, an email newsletter is a very effective vehicle.  But you need to commit to it.  Let us show you how to plan, organize, schedule and implement an informational newsletter for your target audience.
Trade Show Marketing Support

Trade shows are still a powerful marketing tool.  Although they do require a significant investment of time and money, there is nothing better than meeting your customers and prospects face to face.  But there are ways to maximize your commitment to a trade show.  Let us show you how to get more out of your trade show with pre- and post-show promotions.
Press Releases & Publicity

Your industry media is just waiting to hear from you.  But they are not going to come to you.  You need to initiate the contacts, create the relationships and conduct the outreach.  Let us help you set up and implement a consistent press release and publicity program that will keep your name in the press and bring you more leads and customers.
Company Brochures & Presentation Kits

You may not be printing as much anymore, there is still some room for promotional pieces you can leave behind.  Printed brochures and presentation kits have a lot more shelf life than anything you send electronically.
Interviews, Case Studies and Customer Stories

For the most compelling and persuasive arguments, let your current customers do the talking.  Your customers are more credible (because they are not you) and they have real insight into the needs of your audience.   We can help you develop and produce customer interviews, case studies and customer stories to support your products and services.



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