Direct Mail for Kitchen & Bath Businesses

If you’re in the kitchen & bath business, direct mail will help you get your message out to your best target audience however you define it.

Whether you’re a kitchen dealer, designer, remodeler, distributor or manufacturer, direct mail can help you generate a consistent flow of new leads for your business.

Learn about our complete direct mail program and how we can bring direct mail to your business.

We offer two programs – (1) to reach homeowners based on a demographic profile, and (2) to reach new homeowners shortly after they move to town.


Targeted Direct Mail

Reach homeowners in your area based on your selected demographic profile:

  • by household income
  • by age
  • by home value
  • by age of home
  • by length of residence
  • select by radius or zip code

New Homeowner Direct Mail

Reach new homeowners shortly after they move to town.

Research shows that new homeowners are anxious to find new business relations as soon as they move into their new homes.

They are great prospects for new or remodeled kitchens and/or baths.

  • Select your zip codes
  • Customize your mailer
  • Schedule your mailing



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